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Hello creative souls!
Finally! The “MY MIXTURE” tutorial is ready and uploaded. Busy girl with school, work, art and social media lol.

In this DIY tutorial I show the ingredients i use to create my spackling and plaster mixture for my 3D art. I also show the more premium version since my mixture is budget friendly and how I clean my tools 🙂

Make sure to watch my DIY 3D art tutorials here on my Youtube! I create sculpture paintings with spackling and plaster on canvas, clay art and fabric art. Thank you so much for watching!

Products that I use:
Following links are affiliate links. It doesn´t effect or cost you anything, but I’ll make small % out of it. Thank you so much for your support!
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Spackle / Wall Filler

Joint Compound


White Glue
https://amzn.to/3ZJcX33 (Wood Glue)
https://amzn.to/402pQFP (Gorilla Wood Glue)
https://amzn.to/3nM78od (School Glue)

Thick Gesso
https://amzn.to/40NSHP1 (Global Shipping)
https://adr.ec/vFrtCpCCt (Ships to Sweden, Norway and Denmark)

Regular Gesso
https://amzn.to/417ibqA (Global Shipping)
https://adr.ec/gurtCptFr (Ships to Sweden, Norway and Denmark)
https://adr.ec/ULrtCpfGC (Ships to EU)

Acrylic Paint
https://adr.ec/ZQrtCppgd (Ships to EU)
https://amzn.to/3nPQ0Or (Global Shipping)

You will find more products at my Store Front https://www.amazon.com/shop/nicolinasavmarker

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  1. Hi Nicolina, in Australia, it is known as "Joint Compound" in powder or already mixed putty. Also there are fillers, .Multipurpose Gap Fillers", for walls, timbers etc.
    Putty for wall repair…
    Many different brands.
    Selleys Spakfilla Rapid is a ready-mixed lightweight filler that needs just one application.
    Thanks for all the tips, and thanks for sharing so much with us.

  2. I'm a bit confused as the first item does it come mixed or you prepare it before, ( I mean the paste) spakle, is it the one we usualy use before painting the wall? Please answer me as I'll be working on something and have to be hang on wall and afraid it will crack later😢

  3. Can I use this exact mixture to make "rainbow, arch or circle" art on a canvas? The design is made with a trowel. Is it best to use dry plaster for this mixture?

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! Do you think this product would withstand humidity fluctuation without cracking if I hung the painting up in the bathroom?

  5. Thank you so much ❤ I want to ask a question please, what material (like a sealer) should I put on the finished piece so it will be permanently resist to water and heat … or this mixture is sufficient and nothing can be added after finishing the piece, thank you ❤

  6. I just realized while open the gesso box, that it was not white, but black! Can I quit the gesso part? it will take me some weeks to order online before it arrives in Greece where I stay. Thank you for answering me:)

  7. Hi 👋 Australian here 🇦🇺 We have joint compound and not spackle. I spent so much money and time on trying to find the right consistency yet always, no matter what over time the art cracked. Joint compound is meant to stay stagnant on a wall in one place when applied, on a canvass it is moved, wind, humidity and cold also make it crack along with our sun also, temperature plays a part. 😫 It may last a year or so yet thereafter it degrades over time. Texture paste here is way better due to its flexibility and longevity. I wish we had spackle paste here, it would be way cheaper than texture paste. 😫

    I love your channel, thank you so much 💜☮️

  8. Awesome tutorial and art works ! I have a question for you Nicolina….I did use metal mesh on a bigger canvas with two layers of plaster bandages. First one layer, and after a week a second layer. And it dried good. But after the second layer the work has some yellow, spread spots on the dried bandages….Does it matter? I am now ready for putting on your mixture. Thanks for answering!

  9. Hi quick question! I tried the mixture on a very large canvas and it’s been around 8 hours and is still wet…what can I fix so my second layer hardens the way yours did?

  10. I follow you everywhere ❤ Do you buy all your supplies online? We are moving to Sweden next year and I’ve just started experimenting with art but don’t want to give it up. I’ve got so many questions for you. We going to Stockholm… does the weather affect your art? (The super cold months?)

  11. Hey thanks a lot for this, brilliant!
    A few questions – if you build layers, how long do you wait till a layer is dry to start with the next one? What is the max thickness?
    So this mix guarantees the 3d sculpture will not fall of the canva? Or do you use anything different for the very first layer?
    Appreciate your answer!

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