How to Paint Cute Colorful Birds for Beginners | Easy Tutorial to Master Loose Watercolor Painting

Today we are practising wet-in-wet and water control and having fun at the same time! If you want to succeed with wet-in-wet you really do need a good quality paper, and there is nothing better than Arches 140lb cold press fine grain paper from France.

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Five Cute and Colorful Watercolor Birds

Two Cute and Colorful Watercolor Birds



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  1. Great tip with the eyes on tracing paper. I just painted 2 of these. They came together so quickly and so much fun. Added a few embellishments with metallic watercolours. Definitely making one into a mother's day card. Loved this tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing Diane.

  2. The birdies are so cute! Wonderful tip about the tracing paper….amazing how placing a little eye just right can change the the bird’s appearance! You are a wonder my friend!❤

  3. I loved this wet on wet is one of my favourite but yet to master it being a total novice but these were so sweet that I will have a go thank you so much for the time given. The one tip if nothing else was the tracing paper just a fantastic idea ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. These are so cute! I think Arches is by far the best paper for wet on wet watercolor painting, and these blended beautifully. Painting the eyes on tracing paper first is ingenious!

  5. Wonderful. I just bought some paints and paper and I enjoyed seeing how using the wet just for the circles of the birds let the colors do its thing. I thought the whole pic would need to be wet on wet. The tracing paper is a great idea. I look forward to watching more of your videos.

  6. So loved your tutorial. I’m just beginning and can really see that the paper is key for wet on wet. Will practice and get a feel for water colours after many years of using other mediums. Never to old to learn a new technique. Thank you so much

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