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How to render digital art using layers – BRUSHES included – Beginner friendly tutorial

Learn how to use layers in digital painting to paint light, color, and detail. Tips for realism, stylistic, and other types of rendered artwork. Using CLIP STUDIO PAINT here, but you can follow these same steps in any app.


Files to follow along with this tutorial:

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  1. Late to the party here but I'm confused about something–in a couple of more recent YouTube videos you've demonstrated painting with value-only first. However, a while back you made a video where you spent quite a while explaining why you prefer to start with colour. (Which I think makes more sense to me too.) Have your preferences changed or is there a specific reason you use greyscale first here? Regardless of the reason, absolutely loving your work, really meaty and helpful, thanks so much!

  2. THANK U for describing what the different layer options do to the piece. (screen mode can only go lighter) I loathe watching those really long videos explaining each and every one and still not getting it. I much prefer your manner of explanation. AND THE END? you offer us to do the piece, share to IG, perfect. Very motivational. Thank you <3

  3. I have a problem. When I try to paint shadows the overlaping of two diferente strokes tend to be so strong taking all the smoothness of the drawing. Someone know how to manipulate the overlapping nature of the strokes in Krita? Is it some configuration of the brush or this happen just because I suck?

  4. I just want to say a huge thank you so much! I am super new to art and I have never even thought to import line art and then use multiple different layers like that to actually render the full piece. I've been trying to do it all in one layer for colour and it was a nightmare, this method is so much more relaxing and really gets you thinking about how the light interacts with your subject and all sorts of good things. This is such a good beginner friendly video, you have my gratitude!

  5. wouldnt multiply change your colors away from what you want them to be? i feel like it gives you less control and builds bad habits

  6. you have a good level in painting but it's curious you don't see that there is a big problem with the eyes of each of your creations, the eyes are either too far apart, or one is really smaller than the other (even with perspective, it's still incorrect). It's a shame it spoils the drawing

  7. THANK YOU FOR THIS! This is so informative but very digestible. What I'm looking for guides is why artists do certain things so that I could slowly integrate that to my own. Unfortunately, most guides only tell you to do this and that, without me understanding the concepts. So when I start a piece different from what was in the video, I'm having a hard time, i.e shading in a different perspective.

  8. I'm always amazed that Marc manages to compress making a walk through of a full painting he did while still sparing some time to teach us some of the most basic stuff ever. He's hands down the best teacher I've ever seen (art-related) whether that's here on YouTube or back when I was in high school.

  9. I've been doing digital art for over a year and this is one of the most important videos I've seen yet. Also you're very clear on your layers which so many tutorials aren't. Thank you so much.

  10. After more than a week of eating tutorials on how to color grayscale painting and testing them for myself..
    This is EXACTLY what i was looking for!
    It's so comprehensive with all the breakdowns and stages.
    All the other tutorials are either too scatterbrained, talk about basics but obscure how to actually do things, or just talk about basics but assume you're on their level and that you're an art student or something. You can tell they don't actually care enough.
    Thank you so much! You're simply a hero!

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