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  1. Im new to getting something setup to sell my digital art designs i feel so overwhelmed sometimes because everyone on YT has a "way" you make everything so much easier to understand! <3

  2. Great job promoting unethical business practices in order to get monetary gains. All the art that you’re using from mid journey is stolen property and should not be used. Why don’t you just got straight to an artist with the work that you like and pay them to create it for you?

  3. I hope it’s not cheating because I don’t want to get caught cheating. Is it cheating because I feel like it is and I wanna be honest I like it and I want to do it and I wanna make money out of it. I just Gotta make sure it’s not cheating.

  4. You must live in cloud cuckoo land. What a load of old garbage. Ai platforms are saturated with no copyright. I use upsalers and digital software as well as MJ and my work is solid but I haven’t sold anything across multiple platforms. All sites won’t allow any AI uploads unless they have a min 5000 pixelation and you won’t get that off “free AI sites”. They aren’t free anyway, you can trial out and then once you’ve used that up you have to pay.

    Stick to what you know. This isn’t it.

  5. Can you share how much is your salary per hour at your place? I think $400 a day at my place is a lot of money. $30 a day is more than enough to make a living for me here, is there anything more logical to make $30 a day from art work? I can paint, draw, graphic design, can share your experiences here. Thank You .

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