HOW TO SELL NFTs IN INDIA? Artist overview of NFTs | HINDI

You might have heard about NFTs but you have no clue about NFTs then look no further because this is an explanation video of how to get started with NFTs in India
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  1. hello sir

    maine opensea me ek painting upload ke hai, but mera account se koi buyer purchaser kr raha hai to usko ye error aa raha ———Were sorry we were unable to process your payment for this order. As a result your Order_thmobius_has been cancelld due to insufficient ERC-20 Token on seller account." Please tell mujhe kya krna chiye?

  2. Hello can I sell paintings through nfts
    But that painting imagination is not mine I found that picture on Pinterest and from that I painted it on canvas through acrylic paint

  3. Bro iam a small artist in Instagram i started recently today I saw ur video i feel very happy u told that u help artist iam requesting u to help me i got 2chances to sell myart but i have no money to fill the gas money in my valet i missed my chance from them i requested so many people to help me but no one came every one has there own problems iam started my career in my art work i want u request to help me by filling my gas in vallet if i got a chance to sell my art i will return money then i can help people like me soo pls understand my problem and help me bro ur video connected to me like God pls give reply iam waiting for ur reply thanq bro

  4. Mera ek insta per account hai uspe koi art collector tha jisne mujhe ye offer diya ki mai apni art unko sale karu .Per mai nahi janti ki Nft kya hai to mujhe kya karna chahiye.

  5. Can you please help clarify some things.. i am soon going to launch my nft collection. Whati understand from recent tax laws regarding crypto and nfts is that you will be taxed only if you convert from crypto to rupees (i.e withdraw to a local bank account) is that correct? In thatcasewhat happens if i sell my nfts and hold the crypto on my wallet? Will i still be taxed? What are the exact laws? Please help me understand..

  6. A point here: Forward to 2022 , Now on opensea, there is gas fee and some tax but it is applicable and deducted automatically at the time you make a sale, so you can create and upload for free becuase the charges will be deducted at the time you have sold nfts, that makes the process way more simpler.

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