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How to Tell Better Stories with Your Art | Sam’s Digital Art Tips

This is something that worked really well for me and I wanted to share with you guys too!
Stay till the end for surprise good vibes 😎




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  1. I feel deep connection with this piece. I'm currently working on my portfolio for film school of my dreams. I have a lot of work. I rested for a few days to be calmer and focus better on my work. I need to be part of this film school. Animation is my favorite way of expressing my thoughts and ideas. This school can allow me to learn in a way I want the most. It can also provide me chance to participate in bigger projects with other students. This is one of the best film schools in Europe and studying there is my biggest dream rn. Thank you for this tutorial. It helped me a lot. Thanks to your guidance I realised I want to show what I know best and what I experienced, what I felt in some situations. I made a plan to paint some illustration I don't really feel that much. I should focus on clear message without too much details that would divert wiever's attention. By following this rule I can draw faster. Also following the rule "work smarter not harder" is my goal. I need to make a lot of illustrations and your videos are so motivating! Gonna watch some more while drawing.

    Thank you so much again for helping me realise what's best for me amd my art right now. ❤❤❤

  2. Thank you so much! I am a young artist and I admire your work so much, I have never thought of art in this way and maybe I could give it a shot 😃
    I also love to write and develop characters and thinking of your own feelings and clicking that with logic and technique it's very useful! Thanks imma give it a shot!

  3. Hey Sam, maybe you should credit the original photographer and the model in your captions because this isn't your "original art". You copied this from a photo of a girl dressed jn CHINESE traditional dress, Hanfu. Not only is this plagiarism, you are disrespecting both Chinese and Japanese culture.

  4. When you used her pictures could you put a source? Girl name is 万锦其

    It would be nice if you put an image source. and i think is not Japanese style

  5. I just dropped a comment on your other video, do I need to be using photoshop? to draw or paint? I just bought and have set up the Cintiq 16 and I can't do anything with it? Do I ave to purchase adobe? please offer any tips or pointers. thank you.

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