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How to use LAYERS for Digital Painting

I’ve recently gotten a lot of requests to create a video about layers and the way I use them for digital art.
So in this video I am explaining how to use layers effectively and why you should use them. If you have been painting digitally before, you probably already know most of the things I mention but if you’re a complete beginner and find digital painting to be difficult, then you’ll definitely learn something from this tutorial!
The program I am using in this video is Clip Studio Paint but the principles apply to any drawing app that supports layers (ProCreate, Krita, Photoshop etc).

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  1. Thank you, a first couple of videos explained advanced stuff and I was barely grasping it cuz I still wasn't sure how layers work, and now that I found a clear explanation about the principle behind layers I can get more advanced lessons. Before your video I wasn't in a hurry to use layers but now… it seems so much easier to paint! she said in a naive tone of voice

  2. Good insight! A bunch of videos just showed me how to create layers, layer groups and stuff like that. This is exactly what I'm looking for — an explanation of how layers are used in practice.

  3. I really need simple descriptions of how to do digital art like this. I am used to paper, pencils, pens etc. I have a hard time changing my thought process to adjust to digital work so far. Thanks for this video.

  4. Honestly, now it seems to me very obvious what layers are for, but it wasn't before. I tried to use them to redraw the sketch and erase the previous layer. As someone new to digital painting i find this video helpful. Thank you for making this video

  5. Whenever you add shadows and lights, do you use the clipping mask feature to keep it within the bounds of the previous layer? Cause from my limited experience in procreate I couldn’t have two layers in which I could only draw within the bounds of another layer

  6. YEP… Layers allow you to add whatever, new ideas, color, images ect. without the hassele of erasing. My Thumbnail was the first time that I used drawing software. Didn't understand layers so they wern't used! That was
    definitely alot of extra unneeded drawing and erasing! 😲

  7. Im 35 years old… Doing art all my life… One thing Iv always asked myself is"am I doing this the right way… or am I doing this how they do it?" and im still learning everyone takes a different path to get to where they are with their art… and you hit it on the head perfectly when saying it doesnt matter if you want 200 layers… its just about being comfortable and making it look good to your standards no matter the process. I needed to hear that today because thats a thought iv had in my head for so long and not enough people answer that question of… "how do i do it that way or am i doing it right" theres no right or wrong… just do it.

  8. Im not a ClipStudioPaint user yet so I try to translate your nice explanations to how it could be done in Photoshop, my question is: how do you clean up and render out details in the layer above Sketch if the layer is empty? I mean, the color base and the main shader are underneath the sketch layer, so how do you polish the data through an empty layer? Please help!

  9. Very helpful guide for beginners starting out on CSP pro/Ex. Was playing around with the new AI autocolor then i was dumbfounded about raster layers and stuff. Now after this video i have a clear understanding.

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