How To Use MidJourney to Create NFT Art (Step by Step Tutorial)

MidJourney is a powerful platform for creating and selling NFT art. With its powerful visual editor, users can turn their artwork into secure digital tokens. Artists can upload their existing artwork, or create new pieces with the editor’s vast selection of tools and effects.

Once the artwork is uploaded and secured, it is then “minted” into an NFT, which can be sold on the MidJourney marketplace. Artists can also use the platform to create unique packages with multiple pieces of artwork, and even add bonus content like video messages, audio files, and 3D models. With MidJourney, artists can quickly and easily create and market their artwork in the NFT space.

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  1. I don't think it will be possible to use Midjourney to create NFTs, since even with the paid formula, the photos saved in your own profile can be viewed and downloaded by another user, and therefore the uniqueness of this NFT is lost, anyone who has the paid formula and describes a prompt on the same subject, will have suggestions with the prompts and can even download yours, I don't know, I'm lost, this discovery shocked me and I don't know what do, if someone can help me please @Tech Express

  2. The problem with NFTs being something valuable is that the owner of the artwork say "man on a roof" can still make millions of copies of that digital art work and sell it. They can even sell it to say pepsi and pepsi can use it in their ads. The NFT of "man on a roof" is something different entirely. It is its own unique thing. (pretty much just a copy of the original artwork file) So what is the point other then just the uniqness of being something new (this only holds value as long as idiots care about it). It's utterly worthless unless you find suckers willing to pay money for it. The other problem is NFT scams are rampant. So why bother.

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