i found the SECRET painting tutorial china artists use (wlop, guweiz..)

mohammed agbadi finds the best digital painting tutorial from china.

GET TUTORIAL HERE : https://www.yiihuu.cc/c/8272_5719_817


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  1. nothing against agbadi or the artist prima, but i purchased the tutorial and it's very impractical, first you dont get to download the tutorial and you are forced to watch on Wingfox, the streaming there is absolutely terrible, it doesnt even work on some browsers LIKE MINE (opera), and even if you get the videos to work, they are lagging and buffering… and in truth.. the art in the tutorial is very armory ( doesn't display a lot of materials that i kinda need but thats probably just me) so i think its not the lady's greatest work .. the refund policy is nuts and completely unfair.. I just thought i should warn yall cause this is by far the worst $40 i spent . I've had better tutorials for a lot less . AND I REPEAT! nothing against the artist Prima or Agbadi, im calling out Wingfox !! and all the course comments are just as complaining as me .

  2. im going to start with just saying, why people always get so impressed by images that have a bunch of stuff here and there? yes is cool but it can be boring, i prefer simple compositions that focus in the sensibility of the artist to capture a simple gesture, a glimpse of sadness or joy of the moment. this kind of art is so generic looking to me.

  3. Has anyone bought that tutorial and learned how to paint closer to the style of Asian artists? I just wanna make sure I don't waste any money.

  4. So you can keep learning and I can keep a roof over my head HAHAHAHABAH ✨.your voice is so therapeutic thank you for this content it's so useful ,I needed it for my internship

  5. It's not a mystery, even western artists do it. What people keep calling the "Asian Artists" techniques is literally JUST impressionism but more readable. And just like any other painting it's heavily lighting focused if you want the more dramatic look. I think the reason why people keep associating the style with just asian artists when it's not is because they tend to draw elegant fantasy scenarios with it that aren't always 100% realistic in style. But the painting technique is not unique it's just simply impressionism. When I was first teaching myself how to paint I thought that a style more similar to Ruan Jia would be my style but I got bored of it quickly. Glad to know I can go that route though. Just mind your color theory and lighting.

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