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I Learn to Draw Anime for 30 Days (no experience)

I learn to draw in 30 days and since I am on a budget and drawing equipment is complex and expensive. So, I decided to draw digital art. I just needed a tablet and photoshop.
I have no experience in drawing and you can see it from my day 0 result. I have always admired how people draw anime, so this time I focus on a theme which is anime character’s art style.
This is my documentation on how I learn digital art for 30 days for 1 hour every day. Tell me how did I drew and colour/painting Anya from spy x family at the end 🙂

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  1. I can’t tell you how fast my jaw dropped when I saw the final anya drawing. That is absolutely amazing for 30 days. I love your art, and I’m excited to see more. As someone who has been drawing their entire life, this is amazing for a short span. Good job!

  2. I'm a traditional artist. (self taught since I could hold a pencil right)
    You've inspired me to get better at digital art to translate my skills into a new medium.
    Thank you and keep drawing. 🙏🏿

  3. props to this dude for forcing himself to learn the basics and stick to it. He should be proud of his progress. I hope to see what his art looks like, a year from now

  4. this is pretty inspiring. recently ive been wanting to get back into art (mostly because of anime) so youtube has been carpet bombing my recommendations with similar videos. thanks for showing us that you can make that much progress in just 30 days

  5. Man I wish I had you motivation, I feel I've been at the same artistic level for almost a year now. It's just to easy to wake up and just watch youtube for 8 hours straight

    Also I wanna teach someone to draw so bad

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