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[ ibisPaintx ] Digital Painting process

UwU okay so here is another full painting process. Hope everyone will enjoy it.

And i’ll be bringing some tutorials very soon so stay tuned~

•Brushes :

Alcohol Marker flat
Pen fade,
Watercolor pencil,
soft brush (customized)
Texture Brush (customized)

•Last track—🌸

“Nomyn – Insomnia” is under a Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0) license.
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  1. The brushes are bit confusing.. Since it's going fast I'm not able to see which brush is used when and where.. Example airbrush.. There are types of airbrushes. Idk which one it is. I'm a newbie in digital arts too. Love ur art btw❤ please consider putting details on the brushes and tools

  2. Omg , I love painting processes like this especially when you dont cut the process at all. Its so clear and easy to learn ☺
    Im so happy i found your channel 😁💞

  3. Yeyyy, which I've been waiting for. Next, wait for a video like this but a full-body version or from a different side. I wish you this channel always success! With love from Indonesia. ❤️

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