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I’m sure you guys are sick of hearing about this discourse in general, but the fact that it’s still going strong (and the fact that that comment gave me a small aneurysm) means I’m still going to talk about it. That said, I have every hope that this is the last time I’ll be discussing it, so there’s that.

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  1. shoutout to channel member joseph solomon as well!! this video was made before you joined our lil squad here, but thank you so much, and welcome!! you’ll be included in next video’s shoutout!!

  2. Yeah, digital art has filters and other functions, but it’s tricky to adjust those filters and use those functions. Shading, blending, and everything is as hard EVEN WITH THOSE FILTERS AND SPECIAL BRUSHES.

  3. Everyone can be digital artists it’s so easy! If you compare to others… they have the same skills as you. Many of us took 3 to 5 hours to finished. WOW!!! Traditional art took 1 to 2 hours… there’s the difference between them.

    Multimedia Design and Graphic Design students prefer digital art nowadays. But, it’s rare to find someone you stick to traditional art.

  4. I actually agree with every single minute of this video which is rare since im such a contrarian. It sums up my opinion nicely. Digital is easier but only in the context of some parts of the creation process taking less steps. But if you're just drawing then digital doesn't automatically increase your knowledge of art fundamentals.

  5. Hey guys, a chair made by a machine in a factory isn't a real chair, because it wasn't made by hand!
    Not a perfect, one to one comparison in any way, but it amuses me.

  6. Honestly, the only people still perpetuating this rhetoric are the same people who are just trying to validate themselves by tearing others down. Philosophically, digital art offers the exact same form of agency as every other form of “high art.” The execution of digital artists is as vast and varied as any other medium. A simple browse through and commissions forum or subreddit would easily demonstrate this lol

  7. Digital art programs are tools. Same as a word processor is. The skills someone uses to create the story or art work are the same as they use when sitting at a traditional easel or typewriter. By that argument should all writers only use a quill?

    As someone who enjoys writing and is dyslexic word processor programs are an invaluable tool for me. It helps me to correct, and find, the many mistakes I make. I can also say the same about CSP I use to draw. It allows to to easily fix my mistakes. But my eye and artistic skills are what’s needed to find them. Just as my eye and writing skills are needed to know what to change in a story. Both programs make it easier to correct. But with out knowing how a story flows or composition or colour theory or a million other things then your art or story will not be good.

    I can’t sit in front of a keyboard click a button and out pops Lord of the Rings. Just as I can’t draw a stick figure click a button and it now looks like a photo realistic portrait.

  8. I am in school right now and I love doing art, digital art, but my art teacher believes that digital art isn’t real art, so I don’t and can’t get any attention for my passion while others do because unlike them I don’t have the money for all of the expensive paints that they use and sometimes I go to bed kinda angry about it, and bottle up my strong opinions on this topic. This video really lifted my spirits knowing that other people can agree.

  9. Correct, I can draw, paint, sculpt in traditional medium professionally 30 years ago, yes, there are techniques to make corrections with layes especially airbrushing. I switched to full digital tool 23 years ago and into 3D that took me 20 years to comprehend the entire production process, if not proficient you cannot make any adjustments to the complex rugged model.

  10. Wait, we have it easy?!? Hell yea.
    Both sides should be able to find the good points in both digital art, traditional art, and other forms of art as well. Take what that one other person said about the BBQ, that can be considered a form of art. And whatever kind of art you specialize in, whether it be cooking, woodworking, music, etc. you should always appreciate the better qualities that you use in the way that is most easy to you. It's not that one differing form of art is better than the other, it's that different forms of art have thier pros and cons for each individual person. For example, if one individual found the lasso tool used in digital art to be a good idea, another might think badly of it. But that doesn't mean that the lasso tool is automatically bad or good, because of two separate opinions that had just about nothing to do with each other. Keeping this in mind, some might think badly of traditional art, and others might see it as helpful. This doesn't change the way traditional art is portrayed forever. It just means that two groups of people have separate opinions.

  11. I personally stopped drawing traditional art because I don't always have a small sketchbook on me at all times. I do however always have my phone on me so drawing digital art just made more sense in the long run, it's also how we are moving to be more digital for everything lately, example animation used to be on paper because that's all we had before, but now it's all done digital because it's easier to transfer/put it together. Another reason I switched to digital is because I almost always got my arms or table bumped when I was inking my art. Everyone is different though so I do understand why some people would say this, but saying it as a blanket statement isn't ok.

  12. whenever somebody tells me "digital art isnt real art because the computer did it for you." i always respond with "traditional art isnt real art because the pencil did it for you."

  13. i-i'm sorry?? what?? like ok i knew people said stuff like that, but like??? i draw both digitally and on paper, and???? idk man i have an easier time with traditional materials then w/ my drawing tablet.
    like ok, tbf i was allowed to draw on paper more often than digitally when i was a child,, but i still drew digitally. /gen

    idk man i think traditional art might not be real art 🤷‍♀️ /s

  14. I draw mainly traditionally and am trying to focus on digital. It is not easy. The hand-eye coordination, the physical tools (tablet, stylus pen), and learning how the software works make a hell of a learning curve. Just cause I can undo and redo a stroke a million times doesn't make trying to create any easier. It's much more difficult to gauge what goes where and what does this or that. I'm not even a good artist traditionally. If someone can glue pipe cleaners together and call it art, then so is digital.

  15. I think so many people think that every digital artist has always drawn digitally, which is just sorry, stupid, no child is given an ipad to draw something. We all learned art traditionally, and then at some point switched to digital. And of course we switched, because "it's easier".
    It is a well-known fact that artists are lazy (which is a good thing) and search for the easiest solution to make their art. Old roman statues have removable heads, so they could be switched when the old emperor dies. Of course you could say "cheating!" or you could acknowledge that the "work smarter, not harder" mentallity is ALSO used byx artists. And we have every right to work like that.

  16. In my opinion most people that think that way are not artists themselves, most of them are just snobbish enthusiasts, that think they know best, just because they happened to learn a few names of some renesance artists and it gives them right to criticize anything they please

  17. Certain traditional art supplies are easier to use than others in a piece I drew and colored I made even some crayons look smooth & crayola colored pencils I had the SKILLS to do that you can erase pencils easier if you hold them lighter & make lighter marks on your paper that takes SKILLS I did traditional art long before my digital art & around the same time I drew the beautiful picture of a girl with a parasol & kimono the parasol having a pattern of flowers I never messed up I drew a very cursed piece of digital art even with my traditional art skills I had to learn digital art I had to figure out what brushes to use for what & back to my getting crayons & colored pencils with low quality to look smooth it's not near as hard with my high quality colored pencils digital art is just another medium there's even programs that make things easier than others it shouldn't be treated like it's not just another medium & rather some way to cheat at art

  18. I personally think traditional is easier than digital, even with an Apple Pencil and PaperLike screen protector for procreate. I don’t really know why, but I think it’s just how my hand works. I love sketching on paper and in procreate, but I hate shading and doing lineart digitally. I love using microns, copics and paint to color and shade my drawings traditionally. For me it’s easier, but that’s just my personal opinion. I think what you’ve said is completely true, and the fact people even believe / mean this is so frustrating, and I completely agree with you. I’m not gonna say more now because this comment is long enough already, but yeah, just my opinion, have a good day! 🙂 Also, I love the drawing of amber in the outro thing, it’s so damn cute lol

  19. The thing about erasing is, tons of types of artists can completely delete. Like, isn't that just what drafts are in any medium? I've never seen a finished book with original wording chickenscratched out. Imagine, a world where people say "you're not a real author if you don't write by hand every copy of your book like the old great authors" lulul

  20. Anyone who thinks digital art isn't real art, should show us the masterpiece they produced the very first time they opened photoshop.

    When I went from traditional art to digital, it was actually overwhelming to learn how to effectively use all of the features. It does make certain things easier, but it adds a whole new level of complexity that takes skill to use.

  21. I've gotten a lot of "well the computer makes it" and "eh, it's just an app or a filter to make the portrait look like that" or "I can make digital 'art' like that with a filter in five minutes!" grrr. My average hands on time is short– 24 hours.

  22. I always wanted to do art but traditional art was so draining to me I would draw one picture about once or twice a year and then give up, but with digital art I am able to get swept up in the art and just spend hours creating art without even realizing I've spent hours on a piece and even though I've only been doing it for three weeks I have made so much progress already. Digital art made art accessible to me in a way it never was before.

  23. I would argue that digital art is also held to a different standard than traditional art. Mistakes in traditional art are seen as beautiful and human, a representation of the artist. Mistakes in digital art are just mistakes. And the argument that "digital art is boring" kind of implies that all digital artists have the same style. We don't.

  24. I've been a traditional artist since I was 7 years old. I'm 24 now. I've actually tried using an art program and a drawing tablet once eight years ago and even though I knew how to use all the different tools, I just couldn't get a good grasp on the program, so I went back to drawing traditionally (and still continue to) because it's a much familiar and easier format of drawing for me.

  25. "Easier" does not mean easy. And easier isn't bad. Working from a photo reference is easier than working from real life, but it's still freaking hard to do well. Yes, digital art is "easier" because of the tools it affords us in SO MANY WAYS, but that doesn't mean it doesn't require skill. It doesn't matter if I draw an accurate likeness on paper or on my tablet, I need the same skillset for both, I just have more tools for correcting in digital than an eraser.

    I do both, digital and traditional and I absolutely see that digital makes a lot of things easier on me, but why is that a bad thing? Why is not doing everything the hardest way possible in art somehow "lesser"? We don't judge a carpenter for using an electric saw vs. a handsaw, right? Like, it's just an electrical tool to make their work easier. Same damned thing with digital art.

  26. I feel like broadly comparing traditional to digital is part of the problem. Digital art is just a different medium in the same way pencil drawing is different from watercolor, or watercolor is different from pastels. I find that a lot of people who have been pretty exclusively digital (In these comments included) disingenuously treat all traditional art like its easy- even though they're not proficient at any traditional medium besides cute little sketchbook doodles. I've tried a broad range of different techniques and mediums with art and digital is just the same in how difficult it is to learn and develop. If you're already good at one, it tends to transfer to the other mediums and give you a leg up-but it's still usually a learning curve regardless.

    I'm just getting the vibe from some of these comments(and elsewhere when this topic is discussed) that they're just saying the same thing the video is ranting about, but in reverse. Respect should go both ways bc traditional art isn't easy either. I know some people are merely doing it from a defensive standpoint, but its still not cool.

  27. I started in traditional art and am just now exploring digital in my 20s. Digital art has been both a curse and a blessing to my art life. It's deceptively difficult, and for someone with a strictly traditional background, the learning curve from trad to digital is awfully steep.

    But there are things that I can explore in digital that I've never touched in traditional. I was (and still am to some degree) an unconfident artist; I was always anxious to put color in my traditional work for fear of muddying things up or "ruining" a drawing. But I can color happily as a digital artist without this fear bogging me down, and it's done a lot for my art practice and just my general sense of worth as an artist. Very freeing.

  28. i have a question, is there a fullbody of your persona or oc? (i dont know which one you refer to it as) because i really wanna draw it

  29. Digital art is so art that my digital drawings are better than my traditional ones. My characters look ✨ prettier ✨ digitally. I'm so bad at traditional art that they look like they've been ran over by a truck ten times when I try it.

    Also the transform tool is my life partner, so StEp BaCk.

  30. Digital Art isn’t easier than traditional art, it’s just more stream lined. You still have to hone skills, actually KNOW how to draw and render things/use lighting and anatomy effectively etc. etc. I’m a digital artist and my wife is a traditional artist. We have regular discussions about this topic and recognize there are THINGS in digital art that are easier to execute because of the convenience but it is still the same amount of effort overall between a digital piece and a traditional piece.

  31. I'm triggered as someone who'd going to school for a digital media degree and is required to take traditional art classes that i've been doing since 3rd grade for said degree. Digital art easy? Yeah right, if you have a fast learning curve. Even trying to understand the tools was difficult for me cause i didn't know how to utualize it properly to get the same results as my traditional drawing.

  32. As another artist with both traditional and digital skillsets, I think this comes down to elitism/classism. I'm sure someone else beat me to it, but barring any serious accidents, digital art tools are a one-time purchase and easy to cram into an apartment. Plus, I'd bet most of these asshats wouldn't look at crayons as real art tools either, but guess what! They are! Tbh I've seen some fantastic crayon art, where almost all the wax is scraped away and it looks very pastel-esque but with none of the smudging issues, lol. I've tried it myself – blending is a nightmare, and the shavings stick to the dumbest places for 100 years – but it was really fun :3

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