Midjourney V4 Tutorial: How to Create Photorealistic AI Art!

In this Midjourney V4 tutorial, you’ll learn how to create photorealistic AI art

Midjourney V4 is a powerful tool that lets you create realistic 3D images of people and objects. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Midjourney V4 to create photorealistic AI art. By the end, you’ll be able to create incredible images of people and objects that look like they were taken right off the screen!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing all of these tutorials! Midjourney was so intimidating to me as I'd just gotten the hang of CF Spark…but your videos have helped me to become more comfortable with experimenting with the prompts in MJ!!

  2. Despite the fact that both Midjourney and Bluewillow are excellent choices for translating text to images, I came to the conclusion that Bluewillow is the superior choice for anyone searching for a reliable, user-friendly, and—most importantly—free platform.

  3. Midjourney should start planning to increase their 25 free limit immediately. I am using Blue Willow and taking part in their daily theme challenge is fun for me.

  4. Stolen art to make a series that you take credit and money for. Satan must love you. And from your tutorial, its looks like your corner in hell is going to be heavily populated. A whole website just brimming with Satan's minions. Keep up the crime spree.

  5. Hi thank you for your video it's great I just have a question I'm very new at this. My question is once you created the art where do you find it I can't find the art that I create it and how do you save it so that you're able to find it?

  6. Great to see more brothers and sisters getting involved into AI.
    At the moment I think most models were trained on a limited number of black characters, so the results are not really diversified but we can embed new models in stable diffusion or by using ref images.

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