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Miku is pretty, so I drew her. || DIGITAL PAINTING WALKTHROUGH

Art software – Procreate
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  1. Ma'am!! Your art is amazing!! ✨
    I just started making art vlogs/sketch with videos umm content creation outta my art! Haha I really dunno if I'll be able grow on yt! And you guys doin' such great work really scares me sometime haha

  2. Oh that is gorgeous, ill never get there, but ill never stop trying, my main issue is rendering, no matter what and how much I study, im not able to understand how to render

  3. You deserve more views,subs and everything with just seeing the thumbnail I knew that someday you’re going to be a grand artist. Grand artist always start as little small creators but i really hope you can show how no matter how small content creators can be they can become the biggest icons in the world. I will comeback a few years later to see how far you have come. Good luck on you’re journey. ❤❤

  4. Excuse me!!! if you see this, how long did it take? I'm a young artist and i would LOVE to do this kind of stuff but i have very thin patience and give up easily 🙁

  5. I followed your last video walkthrough and tried to use some of your techniques in my art it helped me a lot!! Your videos are so helpful to everyone, and your art looks gorgeous!!

  6. i absolutely adore your art and i love how you explain your process including how you use layers and stuff. so helpful because im new to digitial art!! thank you!!!!

  7. hiii i really love ur art but could u make a head tutorial if you want to cause i realllly struggle with it and it’s so complicated and confusing if u don’t want to make a video could u recommend me some things ty keep the work up ❤️

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