Moonbirds Rug Pull? Anyone can now use Moonbirds NFT art freely without any copyright restrictions.

NFT lawyer Enrico Schaefer will educate and inform on legal issues related to NFTs.

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NFT ALERT! Kevin Rose and Justin Mezell announced on Aug 13, 2022, that they were terminating all previously granted commercial rights to Moonbird NFT buyers. As the copyright owner (presumably), they relinquished all their copyright exclusive rights previously licensed to Moonbird owners with cc0 license. The Creative COmmons Zero license releases all copyright in the works into the public domain. That’s right; the Moonbirds project owners gave NFT buyers full commercial rights to monetize their birds, then 4 months later terminated all commercial rights without consent or notice to NFT owners. In this episode, we dig into this ‘light the internet on fire’ PR move by
Moonbirds Terms of Sale.

00:00:00 NFT Lawyer
00:03:49 Big announcement
01:11:06 cc0 license change
03:06:51 anyone can use Moonbird images
04:30:18 but what about your commercial rights?
06:17:16 no contract with secondary market buyers
09:47:06 What did you buy?
12:18:32 Litigation?
15:23:16 What will courts do?

As intellectual property, blockchain technology, and litigation attorney, Enrico acts as outside general counsel to big and small tech companies. He has presented some of the most significant open-source projects and presents a variety of interests in the NFT space.

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  1. Thanks for the video. Very informative content. I would love that you expand your content over the DAO side; regarding the possible legal concern due to « anybody » being able to is the IP to overcome/address

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