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  1. I'm a photographer and very experienced retoucher learning some sketching skills for fun. I mostly do product photography for work.

    Your work flow is really very advanced and there's a ton of stuff that most people don't see. Indeed for the drawing side, I am still essentially a rank beginner (using a tablet). The content is great for people learning who have a flair for the stylus and fabrication of imagery from light and shadow.

    It's beautiful to watch, although I learn very little about your fundamental techniques.

    A very nice intermediate to advanced level tutorial from my perspective, although for many people, they might see it as the opposite.

    Enjoyed every minute of it!

  2. The only thing I don't get is how can you change brush color so quickly. On one second you are working on the eyebrowns with a dark color and the other second you are adding highlights without going thru the color wheel.
    Yes I know its a timelapse, but not once I could catch you using the color wheel so I think it must be some unknown shortcut or something else I'm missing.

  3. you 're a life saver I drew one punch man following your video and I'm so happy with the result even if it's my 3rd time drawing on a tablet 🥰

  4. This is such an awesome video! There is so much information given in it. I love your art style and the digital technique you give. Plus, the video is well done. Thank you!

  5. First I thought its photoshop painting or maybe it's Corel Painter you using but then I realized it was Krita. Talent is talent no matter what apps are used. Congrats on your remarkable achievement.

  6. I just love the fact of how easily u can paint art with a mouse
    edited: Are you using a mouse cuz I've been interested in art but since i don't have an ipad, its really hard to do

  7. Думаю что я никогда не смогу стать крутым художником, артером, иллюстратором, это так печально когда руки опускаются, а делать совсем ничего не хочется, видя свой глупый остановившийся прогресс. Но видео получилось хорошим, лайк поставлен.

  8. 8:48 "If you've been working on a piece for hours and hours and it's going nowhere, maybe the problem is in your face." As an ugly person, this really hurts. But I appreciate your honesty.

  9. how long this painting took you ?
    and how did you learn using Kirta ?
    i just downloaded days ago and don’t know how to use. It frustrates me.. i’m literally new to digital art
    please help 🙁

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