NFT – A Digital Art Revolution: Adobe MAX 2021

NFT’s – non-fungible tokens – created a lot of buzz when they first entered the mainstream consciousness a few months ago, via some high-priced auctions and disruption to traditional art markets. But hype aside, there are some real benefits in NFT’s for digital artists, and in this video we hear about them from a number of leading figures in the space, as well as the artists themselves.

List of artists that appear:
Joshua Davis
Berger & Fohr
Blake Kathryn
Krista Kim
Mr Misang
David Alabo



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  1. Since when do NFT "collectors" care about art? It is just speculative money laundering ponzi scheme. Replace crypto with pseudo and much starts to make sense again. After runining music AND cinema, the 15 minutes of fame phenomenon meets slot machines and visual art.

  2. It still looks like the meaningless art set in motion by the Pop Art movement. The medium is great, been in crypto since 2016, but I'm into pre-20th Century art values, with a few exceptions.

  3. Advice coming from people that look like they're living in an attic somewhere in Asia… And some guy that looks like he needs checking into a lunatic asylum although he appears to have a padded cell already…

  4. Thank you so much for always sharing your top-notch content with us, you are very amazing with what you do. Can you as well look into Satoshi Quest and share your thoughts? I will be glad to have you review it in your next video. Thanks in anticipation.

  5. Nothing is changing. This is not different from Sotheby's selling little pieces of paper alongside their works of art. This is not going to help the digital art space. This is a scam. NFTs do not empower artist.

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