NFTs make art worse. (But you can make it better.)

exploring NFTs & beeple with help from John Berger, Walter Benjamin & an amateurly applied bald cap.

CONTEXT very early in me knowing him, Justin told me a story of a lady who cleaned other people’s eyeballs with her tongue. And then offered to clean my eyeball with his tongue. And I’ve been terrified that he will ever since

here is a small selection of stuff I looked at for this video.

I got the price of the 1954 Bowman Baseball no. 176 Vern Bickford from an ebay posting by Vintage Cardboard Collectibles, LLC – if it seems off, baseball card aficionados feel free to heckle me in the comments 🙂

Ways of Seeing, BBC / John Berger, 1972 –

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Walter Benjamin, 1935 –
Thank you to Dr. Christine Evans for helping me understand this in a film studies class a few years ago, and thank you to me for taking such good notes on it 😉

Okay here’s some of what I looked at to learn about #NFTs
– The Basics –
What are NFTs? How to mint an NFT? Why are NFTs valuable? – Starting guide to NFTs, u/Mintableofficial, Jan 12, 2021

r/cryptocurrency on Sept 21, 2021

r/NFT on Sept 21, 2021
NFTs, explained, Mitchell Clark, updated Aug 18, 2021
No, NFTs aren’t copyrights, Harrison Jordan, June 16, 2021

– The Hype –
NFTs Are Shaking Up the Art World—But They Could Change So Much More, Andrew R. Chow, March 22, 2021
NFTs Are Booming, But They’re Nothing New in the Art Market, Jarmes Tarmy, March 2, 2021

– The Skeptics –
Cryptoart is a Pyramid Scheme… @cabeza_pata infographic on Instagram March 11, 2021
Linktree references:
How to Look at NFTs, Brian Droitcour
The Forum // Nora Khan & Fred Turner, TheLabSF
NFTs: crypto grifters try to scam artists, again, David Gerard, March 11, 2021
Most artists are not making money off NFTs and here are some graphs to prove it, Kimberly Parker, Apr 19, 2021
I Looked Through All 5,000 Images in Beeple’s $69 Million Magnum Opus. What I Found Isn’t So Pretty, Ben Davis, March 17, 2021
& comments on this at Ycombinator –
(I also looked at many of them myself on beeple’s website. But I did not look at all 5000.)
NFTs Weren’t Supposed to End Like This, Anil Dash, 2021/04
Silicon Values, Mike Pepi, Sept 28, 2016
The Unreasonable Ecological Cost of #CryptoArt (Part 1), Memo Akten, Dec 14, 2020
Bitcoin and other PoW coins are an ESG nightmare, ofnumbers, Feb 14 2021
Is Economic Growth the Wrong Goal?, Stephen J. Dubner, August 12, 2020

If you’re like, hey, I wonder where [x] idea in the video came from, none of these links seem to explain it—first of all, wow, I’m impressed at your level of rigor. Leave me a comment and I’ll dig through my much longer references document and get back to ya.

artisanal cheese / artisanalcheese

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  1. Here from the clock app. Thank you for the thoughtful take! I wanted to love nfts and the hunger for more money and oversaturated lack of imagination absolutely killed it for me. I did enjoy the little spectacle pak pulled off tho

  2. The nft argument that "artist make money" is only valid for a select few it would seem.

    And also ingores how artist that have no interest in participant in nfts are finding that their art is being stolen and sold as nffts.

  3. Your videos are wonderful and are filled with fascinating perspectives, especially when it's tied to something specific like Ways of Seeing. Honestly, it reminds me a bit of the old PBS Idea Channel model, which is probably one of the biggest compliments I've given on Youtube. Definitely worth watching and messing up my Youtube recommendations for a bit.
    I also wanna piggyback off of another comment and thank you for providing captions.

  4. This comment is mostly for engagement, yes, but this is straight up a banger of a video, I'm not funny enough to say something original about it

  5. I really liked your video and the way you presented your ideas/production, etc. and I will share this video with friends, but it's so hard to find you via Search! even typing Artisanal Cheese NFTs this didn't come up either on page 1 or 2. I guess you'll be easier to find as your channel grows, but maybe it's not great for a small channel to be hard to find. Idk, maybe this is useless information to you, but I still wanted to share in case it helps.

  6. I knew this video was gonna be awesome as soon as you mentioned Ways of Seeing. Liked and subscribed, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create next!

  7. I really liked the way you described financial anxiety. It sounds silly but I've never heard anyone just say that "I feel at my worst when I am thinking about money." This is exactly how it is for me and I am sure sooo many other people yet it's something we do not talk about enough. This was a great video. Very excited to see more content from you!

  8. Solid vid, I like the humour mixed with the info. Subscribed
    I'm no prognostradaminator, but this I saw about NFTs very early. But you present a much better, and much better researched, point.

    Here on a recommend from F.D Signifier. nostrodamus

  9. This is a smaller thing, but I really appreciate that your video is captioned. I also was sent to your channel by Fiq, and I really love your style of editing and the flow of your video. Your art is also really cool, really crisp and cartoonish. Subscribed, and I really appreciate this video. Have a great day!

  10. great work. commenting activates my social anxiety because I feel like I need to say something "worth" reading or I might as well not bother, but engagement to the mighty algorithm matters for existing and not for its content, so, this is that, i guess. bye now. drive safe.

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