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Overcoming Digital Art #1 – Real struggles and how to beat them 💪 (Beginner friendly)

Muddy colors, option paralysis, millions of colors, and losing yourself in tiny details…these are the topics I’m going to cover and combat in this video. Whether you’re a beginner digital artist or already familiar with the medium, you might just learn something new today 😗

❓ What are your digital art struggles? 🤔 Post them in the comments below – I might take it up in a future video.

🔗 Links mentioned in the video:
How to Create Color palettes ›
Upload a picture and get a palette ›

🔖 Chapters:
00:00 – Intro
01:18 – How to Avoid Muddy Colors/Shading
03:53 – Option paralysis! Where to start?
06:41 – Too many colors!
08:38 – Getting lost in tiny details

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  1. Do you live in Florida and can I pay you to be my personal teacher lol!! You are so amazing, funny and talented. Love your videos. Thank you for creating awesome content that is helpful to the masses of struggling digital artists!

  2. One of my big ones was that I would do a thing in the program, and it would not look like I expected it to look. I would know what I expected – the thing that would happen if this was a pencil and that was paper – but that is not it and I do not know what is wrong with it. Even if I did know what was wrong with it, I wouldn't know what to do about it. All I knew was that I did a thing and it was wrong. I didn't have the vocabulary to articulate what I was trying to fix, so I couldn't even search for help.

    What got me through this was literally booking time to PLAY with my software. Like, I'm going to spend twenty minutes playing with the options on brushes. I may not be able to explain what this control changes, or what the name of it actually means, but I can see what it looks like when the option is LOW and what it looks like when the option is HIGH. After a while, I started to get a feel for what was "wrong" with a brush, and what I needed to tweak for the brush to do more what I wanted.

    We often forget that we did this for YEARS as children. We played with our tools from preschool onward, long before it occurred to us that we might want to be artists. So we came in with this huge amount of practice, much of which we labeled "talent," but for some stupid reason we don't want to just sit and play with our software to see what it can do.

    And watch "beginner" videos. Never stop. Beginner videos make no assumptions, you'll learn from them forever.

  3. 3:55 Back when I first started digital art in 2016, I tried a bunch of different art programs and eventually I found a program called FireAlpaca. It has tutorials on YouTube, but even on their website they have tutorials! :3 I recommend think this program is worth a try! And it's free! 😀

  4. Thank you for your accessible explanations. I love your videos! As a true beginner (not only digitally, but as an artist all together) it's so helpful to find someone who breaks (what feels like) rocket science into 'simple' tutorials. That in itself is an art. 🙂 It helps me navigate my XP-PEN Artist 24 Pro paired with Clip Studio Paint. 👌🏻

  5. Binge watching your videos, thank you for understanding and remembering what it's like being new to art/digital art. You're the best at explaining things!

  6. Someone told me the best way to get past the daunting nature of how many tools and options there are in digital art software is to just select a round brush and start painting or drawing. Don't worry about anything else. Once you are used to playing with the brush and the colour picker, add the erase tool. You can do everything with a round brush and patience.

    Then when you are ready to experiment past the round brush, close the software, load up youtube, grab a pen and paper then look for must use feature videos.

  7. You are still my absolute favorite artist on the internet. Thank you so much for sharing your warm energy with us all! It helps so much. Sending you so much love from Denver!! 💕💕💕💕💕

  8. Hey, Nadia. Thank you for the video. BTW. Do you have a pio box or how its called? Because I started with a fan art, I was planing on giving to you personally, when I visit Dokomi. But now I can´t come. Sense the artwork is almost done, I would like to send it to you anyway.

  9. I was in and out of digital but now that I'm back in it and I want to improve in many ways these are some great tips for me and I'm sure they will be very helpful. There's a lot to learn.
    Thank you.

  10. i've bought a tablet a long ago, it's been a year and a half, probably? yet I'm still kinda in the process of getting used to it (I'm not saying "transitioning" bc I'm still enjoying traditional art and I'm not going to drop it completely, more like i want to expand my media). so, i still struggle with some things:( I have kinda understood finally how to blend smoothly, which was a huge struggle in the past, yet i still can't draw smooth pretty lineart (so i just don't; but it limits me a lot, and i don't like being limited), and i still can learn to appreciate my art being not-so-neat and a bit messy? while i enjoy seeing someone else's sketchy art. i don't understand what is wrong with me😭
    p.s. your videos helped me a lot to learn about digital art, and i am very grateful for that💖

  11. Thank you so much for this, I can't wait to try out these tips!

    If you have a moment ma'am, any tips for getting down placement of the hips and torso?

  12. Hullo Nadia, I am so impressed with how much you offer here on your channel! You have a real handle on these techniques and you present them so clearly that you are easy to follow along with your instructions! I wish the internet was available for me when I was trying to figure out how Photoshop 3 and the new “layers” transformed digital workflow! You such a generous and kind person. Keep sharing and be sure your enjoying yourself too!

  13. My biggest pitfall was/is getting lost in the details, I would zoom ALL the way in, and start adding those specially little flecks and gradients to replicate realism that I could have very easily done with an air/softbrush. It doesn't help that I started out with a mouse, and had to edit my line art/color with that!

    This helped me a lot, thank you! Your tips will help keep me grounded. One thing I struggle with currently is canvas/file size; that's mainly why I could never understand the zoom, and would zoom in too much. I don't understand what's the appropriate inch/pixel for canvas size, because I've transition from traditional art on 11" printer paper (which I find too small for digital IMO), to having the world/space at my fingertips (often in pixel measurement, I don't understand). I'm trying to learn, and google tutorials about canvas size, but people are so afraid to give a definitive answer (because it's artist's choice), that it makes it hard for beginners like me to even form an opinion!

  14. I always get so excited when you upload a new video! Thank you so much. i love your energy and you always have actually helpful advice to give!

  15. Hi🙋 sorry to bother you but i have a question😕
    when i turn off the transfer the line looks black and that's what i want but when i turn it on it looks kind of blue! please help..
    i want to turn it on and looks black not blue?

  16. I think my main problem with making a full-on art piece is I don't plan it. Like I don't do thumbnails or think of the composition or even try out different colour palettes like you mention. Maybe you could make a video talking about that a bit more? This video was really motivating btw!!

  17. Thank you. I'm trying to get back into art after more than a year off (lots of stuff to deal with) and feeling overwhelmed I can relate to. You're an inspiration, thanks again.

  18. I just started using my wacom cintiq tablet and I am so overwhelmed. I have choosen the program Krita since its free and I don't have that much money. My biggest problem is getting straight lines.
    Thanks for the great videos.
    Best regards Nana from Denmark Copenhagen

  19. As a person who just started out with digital art, I find this video really helpful and will take notes from these tips. Nowadays, I always find myself burning out too easily while drawing for an illustration with my Wacom Intuos BT S, is there anyway to counter art burnouts?

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