Painting tutorial – Aeolian

Hi hi, just made a text tutorial , I’ll make more like this if you guys like it!
Final image: http://wlop.deviantart.com/art/Aeolian-565748710

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  1. how to draw (step-by-step)


    first, sketch your painting (make sure to have an idea in mind)

    second, blobs of color

    third, reasonable lighting w/ ambient light

    forth… ₰ ︻ ₪ ¤ ♢ ♮ ≭ ϟ ☈ ☉ ❖ ☒∰ • ∑ . æ

    fifth, little blur for epic effect

    finished ( :

  2. technicaly painting is great. but there are some substantive mistakes.
    wrong catch of arrow, wrong clavicle twist, wrong head twist.
    actually, you draw a baby trying to shoot an arrow.
    my humble advice: shoot an arrow before draw it, please.

  3. Thank you for putting this together! As I'm just getting into digital painting, This helps a lot. Your work is beautiful, and I'm seeing that patience is the most important thing

  4. Love your EmoArts very much WLOP! First come across your paintings in Epic Music Videos! Thank You So Much WLOP for the inspirations & illuminations! Take Good Care WLOP! 🌹

  5. hi wlop is your tutorials will be available on udemy? thanks! also i hope you make some video that showing your actual drawing i wanted to see how you stroke the pen

  6. Sir i am a beginner in art I also want to draw like u. I uses reference to draw and i draw on paper not in pc but in future I also want to learn how to draw like you .I have many questions like. U draw it with your imagination right I can't draw a single character with my imagination but i can draw it with seeing a picture or something. Where should I start. What should I learn first to reach your level. Anyone please i want to devote myself in the world of art.

  7. WLop, just curious, are you male or female? I know someone who has been stealing your work and passing it off as their own. May I suggest that photos on your other media platforms that you place a full water mark on your work to prevent others from using your work without permission.

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