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Part 1: Learn to Draw | Getting Started

Drawing isn’t just for artists – it’s for everyone. Whatever your profession, sketching is a skill that can help you communicate your ideas with yourself and others, and take them to the next level. In Learn to Draw Part 1, Lasse Pekkala shares how to relax into drawing, warm ups to help you connect your hand with the page, and beginning sketching techniques. Below is a link to our free course materials and downloadable content.

0:00 Series Introduction
1:16 Warm Up Techniques
5:11 Explore Different Media
6:58 Digital vs. Analog
7:45 Stay Motivated
8:24 Exercise: Line Control

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Free Course Materials:

App: Concepts App
App Download:
The COPIC color palette is licensed by Too Corporation

Video: Lasse Pekkala
Music: Hold On by Ottom

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  1. It's been 2 years since I last draw not because I was busy it is because I was so lazy but now I have decided to start drawing again. Hope so i don't gave up this time

  2. Why do so many videos for 'beginners' show the tutor using a $500++ display tablet, when nearly all beginners are going to be on a $25 drawing tablet?
    The whole issue is to get people used to the displacement between the drawing tab & the screen & all the motor skills required- so why, oh why do all these beginner tutes show a professional artist on $2000 display devices & leave the learner lost?
    Its a bit like a "learn to drive- pass your driving test for beginners" & showing a F1 or Nascar car & driver & showing how to toe & heel, slide into corners etc in a $1,000,000 car rather than a clapped out first car like most learners.

  3. Well, don't want to demotivate anyone, but: Sure, everybody can learn drawing by practicing. Like any other skill. But having talent or not definitely makes the important difference. It's like learning an instrument or other things. Some have talent and just do or learn it effortless, and others are practicing and practicing for years and will never become really good. The good thing is, when you have talent for something you will recognize it when doing it. And then you automatically feel the motivation to continue doing it, because it's rewarding. Someone who has no talent for drawing at all will probably feel no motivation for continue doing it after trying it out a couple of times. And this is nothing bad. You shouldn't try to force something that you have no talent for. Instead, search for the things where you have your talents. These are the things that you will love to do.

  4. Im gonna keep watching, but the idea that talent doesn't matter is kind of a bad one. As a musician, i know full well that it can come down to just talen. I knew a clarinet player who tried a trumpet once and is 1st chair on the second try. I knew people that were better at then end of a marching band season than people who've been playing for 10+years. Just be real and say that most people aren't going to have the underlying physical and mental structure that, while not everything, is definitely a major factor.

  5. Very important
    1)Working memory. You use this to store information for short periods. …

    2)Episodic memory. Episodic memory is needed to recall past events – recent or distant. …

    3)Semantic memory. You use this to remember the meanings of words or remember facts. …

    4)Prospective memory"

    recall, recognition, recollection, and relearning.

  6. If anyone were able to combine an old program called Microsoft Photodraw and the tools on Concepts we would have a tool for the ages! When it disappeared it's like someone said, "how can we make drawing as complicated and cumbersome as possible", so they invented Photoshop!

    I'm just starting to learn this program, so we shall see.

  7. I spent like 2 months just doing circles, squares and triangles because it felt like the intuitive thing to practice. I improved literally 0% from the first day to the end of 60 days lol

  8. That’s the thing, we actually have to start learning, trying, and get us the time to do it. Because everyone that u see on insta and TikTok,has DEF watched vids and worked their asses off practicing, there’s only way way to start and that’s by starting. A tip, set a day for when u will actually sit down and watch a vid and draw along with it on ur sketchbook and LEARN, it’ll only be the beginning to ur journey.

  9. I am legit way too impatient to practice. I just jump straight into the drawing and fail miserably but I just can’t bring myself to practice.

  10. I've ways envied and looked up to my big bro because of his talent for drawing, since I was little. So I'd always say "I wish I could draw" and I never do, because I'd rather not take the spotlight away from my bro. So I end up making excuses so that I never sit down and try to get better at it. But lately I have so many stories floating around in my head that I'm craving to let out, and drawing is the only way that I can realistically achieve that on my own. My one major issue is that I don't know how to develope the discipline and be patient. I end up brainstorming without ever getting anything done.

  11. I've wanted to learn how to draw for years now but I could never stick with it. I'm very logical so creativity is new to me. As well as this, I am naturally very good academically so I'm not used to having to struggle to achieve my goals and would often give up at the first hurdle. I'm hoping that this series encourages me to keep trying and finally achieve a pride in persevering.

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