Pixel Art in Illustrator | Illustrator Tutorial

Jumping jiminy jesus. Pixel art in Illustrator.

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  1. It was suuuper usefull, im animating a PIXEL GAME SIMULATION in after effects so i export pixel design from illustrator to after effetcs, the only thing i would recommend its click on Pathfinder>Combine instead of Divide. because if u don't u will se like a separation between the squares

  2. Hey TipTut. I appreciate the vid but I am a little stuck.

    I am following the tutorial exactly, but I can no longer control the small stroke I set originally. After I ungroup > expand from live paint > Divide, when I try to select with the magic wand and delete, it's deleting sections of square colored pixels instead of the stroke lines themselves. Please help! 🙏 Thank you

  3. Awesome tutorial! Thanks so much! (Love your accent 🙂 ) The grid didnt make the squares even (some are bigger some smaller) and divide didn't work on all squares.. got any ideas why? 🙁

  4. Dude, I didn't knew I had to do pixel art until this morning and your video saved me a day of searching, you went straight to the point thank you so much!

  5. Useful video.Thankyou. I want to know if there is an option to draw with Pen tool in order to bring perfect shape and convert that to pixels which exactly matches with the grid box. Since drawing with mouse makes it difficult to bring the perfect shape with hand drawing for Textile motifs (being a textile designer) with more intricate curves, if there is an alternative option to draw with guidance of grid box, it will be helpful. Plz explain me if there is such an option.

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