Scams, Art Theft and NFTs

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  1. "Take a deep breath Brad, you got this" 😂 Absolutely made me crack up!

    I was considering adding NFT's to my portfolio, but while delving into it, I was dumbfounded to the vulnerable position it puts creators in. The crypto wallets alone are all phishing apps. And the biggest complaint I was seeing for MetaMask and Coinbase wallets was the users crypto currency were getting stolen. Like 1 out of three reviews were people warning the users "Don't use this app, your crypto currency will get stolen." It feels like swimming with sharks to get bait fish. I'm currently researching Ledger, which is a hardware based crypto wallet, and appears to be safer than many of the other forms, but my research is incomplete. More later.

    Cheers and thanks for posting this. I get scammers daily on my IG account and am seriously thinking of abandoning it. "I love your artworks. It is very impressive, beautiful, and unique. Is it for sale?" … (as NFT's?) click here to mint your artwork so I can suck $500.00 out of your wallet.

    Until better controls are put into place, it truly is a feeding frenzy for sharks.

  2. I came to this video because I thought you were going to talk about the fake NFT scams that are EVERYWHERE on Instagram now, but I just noticed this video is a year old. Still worth the watch!

    But yeah, artists on Instagram now also have to deal with fake NFT offers that get sent either by DM or by a comment on a picture (especially if you use popular hashtags like "art", "drawing" or "illustration"). Basically someone comes to you and says something in the lines of "Hey, I just came across your art and I love it! I would like to buy a collection of your pieces as NFT". Sometimes they'll go as far as picking a couple of random pieces you posted on your feed and say "I particularly like these two". Then they will offer a ridiculous amount of money, like "I'll pay $7000 for each piece!". Then if you say something like "Oh, I don't work with NFT", they'll offer to guide you through the entire process, and they promisse they will purchase your collection "immediately". Then, if you agree, they will say "oh, but OpenSea takes too long to load, I prefer to use this marketplace that I trust". And there's the scam. They'll send you to a fake NFT platform where you'll be asked to pay a fee to mint your pieces. Or that's what you think is happening. In reality, you're sending your money and/or your information directly to the scammer. They can then either disappear entirely and you've lost your money, or they'll use your information to try and get even more money from you. It's outrageous and I'm sick and tired of seeing my young artist friends falling or nearly falling for those.

  3. What should I do as an new artist who received a comment saying "I'm interested in your arts and I would like to buy it on nfts"
    Should I trust them?? Idk wth is nfts

  4. you gotta check out song fi. They are a community of artists that has an incredible program to solve all of the issues you raise. They release in in Jan. 2023. Song fi is focusing on all elements of the arts and artist compensation.

  5. This "decentralization" thing is really bullshit, the "great" opensea and other marketplaces like known origin and bla bla bla have been banishing artists from countries that suffer sanctions from others (mainly the USA), so cuban artists, Iranian artists, recently Russian artists and etc, this is already fucked up and not "decentralized", but since there's no regulation to that they can do this and whatever, another point is about curated platforms, even though they're a backstep on "decentralization" they indeed have far less scams and art theft and etc, I'm talking Superrare on ethereum, Formfunction on Solana, maybe Foundation? about the environmental impact I totally get it and that's why I'm not on ethereum and I don't plan to be there anytime soon, but there are low impact blockchains round there like Tezos (with an amazing community) and Solana which is growing a great ecosystem, ofc that's also debatable from the "decentralization" point because Proof of Stake is by itself a progressive centralization process

  6. As someone who used to scoff at "environment activism", I am now really alarmed by how much we used to just minimize issues like climate change. And things like computers running at top performance to run these crypto systems is just something most people will dismiss as "overblown hysteria". Of course, I now know better.

    I live in the pacific and I can say from first-hand experience that the changes brought by global warming are very real and we are always the first ones to feel the effects. We used to get a few storms every year now we get so many tropical depressions and they often lead to flooding and other disasters.

    What really broke my heart is that just last year I saw a recent google earth image of our southern islands (the most beautiful ones you'll ever see) and you can actually see just how much of it is now underwater. I didn't think it could come to this in just a few years. I remember thinking "nah, I'll be long dead before we see any actual effects of global warming- they're just overreacting" but yeah it really did happen so fast. I don't know what we can do now. Can these changes even be reversed? I hate that I think the answer is no.

  7. ↖️Honestly couldn’t believe I got back my lost coin which I lost to scammers trading investment site, it’s wasn’t literally easy at first but I got a recommendation from a friend to message the name above who helped me recover back my lost coin worth $70,000k.)

  8. ↖️Honestly couldn’t believe I got back my lost coin which I lost to scammers trading investment site, it’s wasn’t literally easy at first but I got a recommendation from a friend to message the name above who helped me recover back my lost coin worth $70,000k.)

  9. It’s not that different than the real art world, which is full of forgeries and money laundering :^ a great example was Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery, Made You Look, The Price of Everything etc. I remember even as a kid, I’d come up with an idea and the other kids in the class would copy my ideas (like try to duplicate) or just plain claim someone else made something I put up on the wall. I never dared share anything I made digitally online, which I know is sad but I know I’d lose sleep over my rage, my ego is too fragile lol, but criminals stealing my IP making money off of it would just make me lose all faith in humanity.

  10. My God… The word "artist" means nothing anymore? Not everyone is an artist. And certainly not all people that make NFTs are artists. "Artist" it's so overused it has lost all of its value and meaning.

  11. One way to see it from a step back is to remember that NFTs are merely digital contracts of ownership. A text file in the blockchain. It's something that in our digital era creates a new revolution, especially if we'll invest more into VR and our lives "dissolve" into digital forms of all sorts. Whether we like this direction or not we can at least say that an ownership contract of my own artwork will protect it much more than before, it's a copyright document. I've successfully had one of my artworks removed from Opensea by contacting them and most platforms require you to prove you are the creator of whatever you mint.
    However, as everything that starts with hypes and trends, the way this has been used with art (or "art") has been clumsy, often toxic and speculative in the worse manner. A lot of money started circulating, therefore a lot of scams. But that's not an inherent problems of the NFT, like we shouldn't get enraged at forks if someone uses them to poke at people. So I see these hypes and scams will gradually reduce and stabilize. My main concern however is the anonymity of transactions. If this is not resolved then there aren't many legal battles to be won in the "metaverse" and someone will always try to make a quick profit out of stolen artworks, cos even if they get caught after selling one it's too late.
    Other than that my feelings about NFTs are mixed: I find the new tech interesting especially for digital artist, there's potential. I would like for digital art to be recognized as fine art and be priced accordingly, and only an NFT might achieve that, not a print. However seeing how the fine-arts world and its market is not in a better position either I'm not too hopeful, but then again, it's not an NFT problem. It's how it's being used.

  12. NFT isnt bad but the platforms are flat out disgusting to let art theft go unnoticed purposefully, artists uninterested in NFT are forced to join the platform just to show who the real artist is and to compete with the thief! how disgusting is that and how disgusting of these platforms that use art theft as an advantage to woo in more uninterested artists. for this reason alone NFTs need to be ended. and all these platforms should refund and cover damages before shutting down.

  13. Everyone I know who have NFTs are in it for the quick hopeful cash grab not how the project maybe implemented in reality, it's caveman mentality chart Pointe thing go up good good. Nobody cares about the underlining issues.

  14. Awesome balanced critic of NFTs! A lot of videos rant about how much they hate them with out researching or interacting with any NFT projects. I like NFTs, but there are TONS of problems. Super scammy. I feel some of these will be worked out as the market matures IF people in the community take them seriously like you suggest.

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