SELLING NFT’s ON OPENSEA | Getting More Views On Your Art for Beginner

What type of NFTs you are creating and selling, along with the link to your profile or collection!


—- “Crazy Alien Party” Collection:


—– “The Many Adventures of TP Brown” Collection:

Thank you all for the love and support!!!

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  1. Its kinda obvious tht you wont get views, there isn't a explore new nfts kinda tab that opensea has. You sell by marketing, on things like reddit twitter and other stuff. So its common sense you aren't selling?

  2. Amazing work spreading the content to artists. I recently started creating NFT’s of a copy on my Grandfathers Art Pieces, he is very well known in the US and have multiple awards. Some of the artworks coming up will be available as an NFT including the Physical masterpiece as something of real value, not to denote the idea that NFT’s aren’t valuable. It will just be something uniquely significant to have both a virtual piece and a real life piece, hope you have been seeing some improvement on your side, I really like your style! give the new collectibles of mine a look as I did yours at “Kobus Moller Wildlife”

  3. Hi there thanks for the Video❤ Im an artist like you, and im on Opensea since yesterday😂👍 My name there is "Heif-Lerrmann" My only collection is " How it feels to live" The originals are Paintings with Oil-pastel on wood, that take weeks to finish🥲.

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience, the strongest part of making art is to bring attention to it. My collection is named "AZ Woodart", I will really appreciate it if anybody check it. I am also available for any suggestions, just dm me, thank you-)

  5. thanks for this! im trying to make the money for a nintendo switch by using nfts. My collection is called AnimalPals.
    P.S – there is two of them so my user is faeriiestar

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