Digital Art

Setting Up Procreate For Digital Art (for your Art Prints and products on Print-on-Demand sites)

Easy steps to create a preset for your Procreate projects!

Here are some samples of my procreate lettering:

1-5-30 Min Speed Lettering Challenge with Nico Ng

Recreating My Old Lettering from 2014

30-Min Lettering: Every Moment Counts

Hustling Through an Untimely Loss


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  1. Hi Nathaniel. i want to make sure that my printed-out artprints are crispy and shiny in colors, same like on my ipad screen. i found that sRGB profile is best for that, i see couple of options in 3:34 of your video. Which is the best? Appearance ? can you please let me know ? thanks 🙂

  2. Hi, I have just seen this video it’s really helpful thank you! Can I just ask if I want to print a picture on to a canvas that’s large 80x120cm will these rules also work? Or will I need to change my pixels and dpi to a larger number?

  3. This background music was way too loud and distracting I couldn't get through the video. Not needed! Turn it off next time it's hard for sensitive hearing people to concentrate

  4. I have just started with Procreate and I am using image tracing for now but whenever I add an image the image gets pixelated and I have no idea what to do? Please let me know how to get rid of this problem

  5. hie i need to deliver wedding invitation which my client might get printed i am using cmyk but in cmyk there are so many options and colours are not vibrant can you suggest me a good cmyk colour profile

  6. If I was to use my art work canvas on multiple sizes like canvas and card making do I make it big enough or make it the exact size as each project?

  7. Thank you! I am new to Procreate. I am an iPhone photographer and I also create digital art with my images and with templates in Canva. I like to create photo Quote prints for wall art print-on-demand. Can I resize my lower resolution iphone images in Procreate so they are 3000 x 3000 for print-on-demand?

  8. My question is what if I’m trying to create a large poster size print? When I try to set those dimensions in procreate it says it’s too large 🙁 what should I do?

  9. Hello I need your advice I’ve set me canvas up with the same settings 3000×3000 and 300dpi I wanted 20×16 inches my art print but printing company said the ordinal size is square and it’s 10×10 inches so what settings do I need to print larger artwork like 16×12 or 20×16 thank you brother

  10. Hi and Thank you. I am new to procreate and appreciate your video. If I am to add products to a print on demand besides what you have mentioned, do printers require certain sizes for tshirts and coffee cups for example?

  11. Im doing art for childrens books… if that matters. Is there a specific color profile for CMYK I should choose? This is not sold… just for my personal publishing 1-2 books of each

  12. I want to print on an A3 format. What pixel dimension should I use?
    Also I've done previous artwork on a 130dpi; does that mean there is no way to make a decent print out of that?

  13. Thanks a lot for this helpful tutorial!! So would it be enough to create digital art with dimensions of 3000×3000 pixels and 300 dpi for print on demand?

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