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START HERE with Digital Art | Step by step Tutorial

✸Get started in digital Art ✸ grab your drawing tablet and follow along !
No matter if you have an Ipad & Procreate, a display Tablet with clip studio paint or maybe a Phone ? – whatever !
After this you will be able to put your creative ideas on digital canvas 🖌️




0:00 intro
0:42 Create Canvas
01:44 Brushes and Control
03:11 Lineart
06:36 Coloring
13:01 Adding Shadows
15:34 Details
17:31 Outro

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  1. This is SO helpful thank you so much! I'm just getting started with digital art and I really needed some basics on which tools do what and how layers work, and you explained all of this so well!

  2. Hello! I just discovered you and subscribed! Amazing content! I do actually have Photoshop but it's really really confusing to work with even though I did take some courses u less you learn it all in school. So I was wondering if procreate is as easy as you make it seem here and hoping does it take to fully get the hang of it! Much love from Lebanon! ❤

  3. Honestly I was so afraid of tracing because of how much some people criticize it but I did learn a lot from this exercise, thank you so much for this tutorial!! ❤

  4. You deserve the world!!! You are so kind and make it so easy to understand. I am good at hand-drawn paper art but want to try digital too. You helped with basics that is so important for any beginner! Loads of love and support to you ❤❤❤

  5. Thank you so much for this tutorial! It was very easy to follow. I don't have Procreate, but I made it on Infinite Painter and it was easy to find correspondances. I learned a lot of things

  6. I've been wanting to try my hand at digital art for some years now, and I have finally taken the plunge and got an iPad. I just came across your channel yesterday, your videos are invaluable and definitely easy to follow. Thank you ❤️

  7. You are amazing! Thanks for showing us and teaching. Something must be said for learning by copying and tracing without dismissing all other learning techniques which focuses on muscle memory, proportions and anatomy. A beginner has got to start somewhere.

    Even Walt Disney in his early days had to build an older version today’s tracing light board to create mickey mouse scenes and other comic strips.

  8. Thank you for this! I've been illustrating with Procreate for a few years now but my coloring skills are something I need to work on. Yours is the best example on how to approach color and working with layers so far. I'm wondering if you might also show us how to blend some of the hard shadow lines into the skin tones to make a soft edge and perhaps adding highlight glow effects to areas like the forehead or wherever the light source might be coming from. Thank you again. I'm really enjoying your work and insight. 🙂

  9. I am a complete beginner in digital art but gradually learning through Youtube. I am using Ibis paint X and its very good free software to for a beginner like me. I just loved your video and would follow your tutorials for sure. Please keep uploading more tutorials and I am very sure your Youtube channel is going to be huge. Amazing tutorial. Thank you.

  10. This was such a great video! I was able to follow along easily, and because you provided the traceable pattern, I was able to get a feel for the layering and tools without stressing about how poor I think my line work is. This gave me a big confidence boost! Thank you!

  11. Thanks a lot for this fun and informative instruction, I loved to follow you along and am looking forward to more content.
    I actually use Krita and could still do most of what you explained. Just thought I'd let you know. You might get extra viewers if you didn't limit the title to Procreate, I just clicked on it because the thumbnail looked attractive and was surprised that I could actually use the video as a tutorial in Krita.

  12. one of the best tutorials out there. thanks for going through everythign step by step. I finally get a feel for it thanks to you ^^

  13. Wow… superb, easy to follow tutorial. Glad I found your channel. I have been not using my M1 IPad Pro 12.9 lately, and this would be perfect excuse to start using it again. Wish you a great success and more subs.

  14. I don’t personally think that tracing is great tool to study art because you just mindlessly tracing and not thinking about object itself. And muscle memory will give you a skill to draw a specific thing in a specific scenario. But it’s only my opinion of a beginner artist and it might be wrong

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