The Chaos of NFTs [Art Thoughts]

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It’s time to share my thoughts on NFTs, as well as some ponderings on the nature of the Tool song, Lateralus, and how it relates to Pikachu??

Quick reminder, “Art Thoughts” is just a casual video series for rambling on about weird art stuff and fringe topics of the art world.

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  1. Oops, forgot my standard disclaimer comment for all of the insecure capitalists:
    Artists understand the importance of critiques, right? Try to apply that same mentality toward societal/financial concepts. Pointing out flaws in an art piece doesn't mean you hate art and don't want it to exist. For the foreseeable future, I'm just trying to direct people toward a better form of capitalism. We certainly aren't at a stage in societal evolution where we could do away with it. That would require technological breakthroughs that are still far off. For now, stop treating the current capitalist conditions as "muh style". Let's get better at these things instead.

  2. Recommend anyone seeing this watches "Uniquenameosaurus" video on the NFT subject for an opposing view.
    Sinix has no excuse for participating the lies, hate and misinformation around NFTs.

  3. "you're allowed to disagree with everything, and think i dont understand anything. we all feel that way about people we disagree with." -sinix

  4. If people who watch these videos would care about scams they'd say something about empty promises made on patron or exploitative advertisements for multimillion dollar companies =P but I guess everyone who criticizes these things is just a conservative crypto scam lord

  5. Talented and hard working artists do deserve more money and recognition, but I think NFTs might be the worst way to get them. Best case scenario is that this turns into an another "high art scene". I'm pretty sure that graphics card manufacturers make the most money out of it anyway.

  6. I really don't get this obsession with golden ration / rule of third with artist & trying hard to co relate it to things kinda baffles me… eg there are some artist that posted their composition before & after the use of golden ration & honestly many times it looked better prior to using it.. I'm a self taught (feel's the best but vague explanation) & by the time I was able to draw from fantasy to realism in a competent lvl I did it entirely through whatever was in front of me so, no fundamentals & my biggest weakness thus back to basics acc… to my research. It might just be me so, don't take it seriously. just my though – it a "rule/tool" but you might as well forget it & it'll still work

  7. I never liked the idea of NFTs and always found them weird and useless (sorry nft likers). Then my parents who are really into trading and crypto told me I should make an NFT for them since I like making art and they can sell it but it really dont want to do it (I'm a minor), my mom said if the NFT makes money then she can finally get out of the job she hates and she said I should try contributing. She then asked why I never think to help them which come on now I'm still in school, it was just a lot of pressuring and made me really uncomfortable. I really wanna help my parents of course but this was just too far in my opinion. I also just don't wanna associate my art with money right now or ever really, I just wanted to share this because it was my experience with NFTs.

  8. I had a bit of a change of heart with NFTs. I had the realization NFTs actually have a lot of similarity to the commercial art world, first things a painting really has no value, only because other people say this painting is worth this much. As well you’ll see a Pablo Picasso or something sell for so much more then another artist who can make a painting of even a better quality because of name recognition, just like NFTs, the only thing separating NFTs and a painting is that one isn’t a physical object.

  9. To be clear, I think NFTs are a great idea. They could solve a few issues with copyright.
    (For example, you could monetize on your work even after it's been adopted by someone else's work. This could incentivize artists to allow more of their art to be used by the public, as long as the new work is also minted on the blockchain. This is the domain of semi-fungible tokens, where you can make copies of your NFTs that are still irredeemably linked to the original. Of course people could still pirate your stuff, it doesn't stop that, but if they do buy your stuff, and make a derivative product, you could get a cut from all derivative products that are based on their creation. It'll be negligible after a while, but that's a powerful concept. Also, current NFT practices don't do this, before you go looking for it. But it's only possible through blockchain.)

    … this turned into a rant on NFTs. I just wanted to say that this video is finally a great critique of the concept.

    Wtf is wrong with me…

  10. The explanation of what NFTs are wasn't great. I believe the best explanation is always through example. Maybe show an NFT, show how people can sell/buy them, what regulates the entry price, the fees to even sell one. I think you cut too short into the "rant" part. I usually love your videos but this one wasn't one of your best. Keep in mind I do agree with every point you made.

  11. Video idea: Attention and Awareness in drawing. The weird balance between looking a close detail while you draw, while still trying to keep a wide view of the whole scene you’re working on.

  12. It's pure scam. There is no single dollar in such a system you can make, that doesn't come from a person that got scammed for one dollar. The biggest winner is the owner of the scheme system.

  13. I reaaaaaally adore your energy as a person, starting from the way you talk – so calm and soothing – to just your wisdom. Thanks for having a take on NFTs or whatevs that finally makes sense to me xD

  14. Id like to hear more of your thoughts on why you think artists are under valued in society, what would it look like if they sufficiently valued, and what we can do about it.

  15. I think one good application of NFTs would be in games. Like before you weren't able to have any real ownership of in-game items or virtual trading/collectible cards for games like Hearthstone. NFTs might be a solution to that as well as an automated way to pay out royalties to artists (like in the old TF2 Steam workshop). Not to mention you could easily make it cross platform, like you earn or buy an item in one game and can use it in another.

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