The Ultimate Pixel Art Tutorial

The ultimate pixel art tutorial teaches beginners and advanced pixel art techniques. Learn art fundamentals in this pixel art tutorial.

In this pixel art tutorial, learn how to make pixel art. Ever wanted to get started? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all of the information out there? Well, this is the ultimate pixel tutorial for you.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw pixel art and learn key art fundamentals that will drive your pixelart, such as jaggies, doubles, what canvas size to use, value, colour, shading, and much more. I use aseprite but show you other pixel art software you can use when learning how to pixel art.

Pixel art for beginners is made easy with this pixel aseprite tutorial, but can be watched by advanced pixel artists too, to brush up on some skills!

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— References And More Learning Resources That I Recommend —
My Aseprite Tutorials – https://youtu.be/tFsETEP01k8
Brandon James Greer – Amazing YouTube Pixel Artist – https://bit.ly/3zyY5Zh
James Gurney YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/jamesgurney
James Gurney Colour And Light Book – https://amzn.to/3zD74J8
CRT Pixels Twitter (CRT Examples) – https://twitter.com/CRTpixels
Pedro Medeiros Great Pixel Art Tutorial – https://medium.com/@saintjust
Pixel Parmesan – Fantastic Pixel Art Tutorials – https://pixelparmesan.com/
Pixel Joint, Pixel Art Tutorial by Cure – https://bit.ly/3vyRTgJ
Derek Yu Pixel Art Tutorial – https://bit.ly/2SyGXlX

— Amazing Art —
Portrait by Ptoing – http://pixeljoint.com/pixelart/133718.htm
Incommunicado by Cure – https://pixeljoint.com/pixelart/113837.htm
The Spartan by Helm – https://pixeljoint.com/pixelart/12082.htm
Falcon by Panda – https://pixeljoint.com/pixelart/41119.htm

— Video Chapters —
00:00 Introduction
00:10 Equipment
00:19 Software
00:40 Process
00:57 Silhouette
01:10 Construction
01:25 Rough
01:44 2D Design
02:07 Canvas Size
02:33 Work Small
02:50 Linework
02:59 Doubles
03:18 Jaggies
03:47 Art Fundamentals Into
03:52 Colour Picker
04:49 Value
05:15 Saturation
05:39 Contrast
06:17 Light And Shadow
07:06 Pillow Shading
07:19 Materials
07:42 Warm And Cool
08:11 Hue Shifting
08:48 Colour Range
09:03 Colour Palettes
09:27 Dithering
10:08 Anti-Aliasing
11:06 Banding
11:20 Outline Styles
12:08 Cluster And Orphan Pixels
12:43 Retro Game Reference
13:28 Style Choice
13:51 Have Fun
14:07 Support

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  1. Great video Saul! Also I'd like to point out again that CONSISTENCY IS KEY. Consistency is what makes an artstyle, each one of those principles Saul mentioned CAN be used, but doesn't have to (like he mentioned with the outlines, you can use them, or you don't have to). Consistency is why the piece at 12:36 works well, the artist "broke a rule" of orphan pixels, but he broke it everywhere, thus creating an interesting style!

  2. I'm very confused on how you manage to start with just a silhouette of a simple shape. I keep trying, and i never know what shape to even use.. and then when i make one i don't know how to turn it into the thing i want to make it. it really hurts my head.

  3. Recently I been looking through my old files and want to continue pixel art however I am stuck.

    I am a bit confused about ONE thing. Years ago I made bunch of pixel art but they are in wrong scale and some been upscaled too but I lost the originals, also there are some that are made by others and given to me to animate and make assets out of them and when I asked please provide me the original files instead of a screenshot or upscales a artist casually tells me just downscale it or edit it … and I be like is this person serious or making a joke …

    By general rule I hate bothering others if I see someone very rarely online especially if our messages span out a year or two in between from each reply I tend to walk away from a project or people like that, it's not their fault we all get tired of things online and go away, lost accounts etc, life happens … Even I quit all social media for couple of years too.

    So with that said I still to this day wonder how on Earth this person casually tells me to downscale a pixel art when every time you downscale it to it's original size it becomes a scrambled mess. I rather use the time to make new art instead of wasting time on doing something that I already did once or twice. I NEVER seen a single program or way that actually downscale a pixel art successfully. So can some "pro" out there confirm and enlighten me what I been missing out on all my life when it comes to down-sizing down-scaling without ruining a single pixel ?!

  4. Do you think it's good to buy courses on udemy or practice with references / tutos on youtube is enough ? I hope the second option will work for me

  5. Awesome video! If I could add something, from my personal experience I also find the art harder to make when the game itself is too complex. That's why I'd say when starting out it might be easier to actually pick an easy game idea to work with and match the art level with it

  6. If I could do pixel art like you , I'll probably spend the whole time drawing, forget to eat and die. But it will be a sweet way of leaving this world ! (And maybe going to a new world of pixels!!)

  7. 9:59 dont forget, different types of dithering and noise patterns are the best way to texture things ;o especially if that texture is, well…highly textured lol
    Mainly with bigger stuff.

    Awesome beginner crash course btw, I'll be sure to recommend this to newbies

  8. 1:45 "trust the process"
    LOL thats what ive been saying to myself too 🤣
    Very cool that you talked about multiple processes. Thank you for that.

    Omg you covered intentional jaggies too. Yes, thank you. Thats so important.

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