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  1. 8:05 yeah right…Don´t listen to this guy. They could have easily implemented that hover feature into older models, but they chose to make it exclusive for M2s because the new models did not have any incentive to either buy or upgrade. They will likely employ the same strategy with the next model. CONCLUSION: the 'older' models are perfectly fine.

  2. Im a student studying concept art. I've been saving money from my part-time waitering gig for over a year and a half and Im gonna buy myself an Ipad pro as a gift to myself for my 20th. I'm so stoked to get it. I've wanted a truly remarkable portable drawing expirience since the last ipad I had, an ipad 4. Tbh I know that the tools dont make the artist and Im fortunate enough to have been able to buy myself an intuos back in 2017 and then a huion kamvas in 2020 so in truth I dont really need an ipad but I know it's something that ive wanted for such a long time and it sounds silly but ik it would make the tech and art geek child that I was and still am smile from ear to ear. Always used to draw hanging upside down on a couch or on my bed with my dogs so not having to be confined to my desk Im rlly excited to be able to work on assignments and just draw while being around my fam. I know this is such waffle but ive been following your channel for a while and love your content. It felt like the right page to get all gushy about it on XD. Keep making Josh's proud everywhere!

  3. Thanks! I still have my first ipad pro 2015 and i am fine using it. The new apple pencile upgrade is huge its all i want actually to have a full experience with procreate

  4. The old iPad I got in 2019 (iPad 6th gen) finally died on me 2 weeks ago. I had been struggling to create more detailed art on larger canvas sizes because the old A10 chip couldn't handle it, still for some reason, I couldn't justify upgrading to an iPad pro because I felt I could keep pushing through and save money. when it died I finally decided it was time for an upgrade and got the 2022 iPad pro 11" . so far its an AMAZING experience ! I can not stress how the M2 chip is perfect for artist, if you can upgrade I highly recommended you do because you won't regret it!

  5. I was looking for the 2021 (M1) cause I thought it was pretty much the same with little less. this kinda changed my mind to get the (M2) instead

  6. you looks like Kyrie Irving man..
    always hooked when see the thumbnail..
    And now I wanna buy that new iPad..
    I wanna learn animating on Procreate and play NBA 2K23 arcade mode.

  7. Hi , is it possible to pair an apple Magic Trackpad with procreate and use it as a second touch input device. For an example can you double tap to undo on the trackpad instead of the ipad pro screen?.

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