Tokenizing Physical Art into NFTs

Crypto art is the beginning of a new art revolution. With the global adoption of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the art world is witnessing a groundbreaking shift towards decentralized management, where artists and collectors interact directly with each other.

While physical artwork exists only in our three-dimensional world, at a specific location, NFTs are extremely versatile. They can represent a part of a whole physical piece of art. A great example is what PBoy did with his “Underground Sistine Chapel”. By dividing the artwork into twelve different sections, minting an NFT for each of them, ownership over this artwork was divided between 12 different collectors. PBoy’s approach is just one of the ways creators are pushing the boundaries in tokenizing physical artwork.

Another recent example of tokenizing a physical piece of art was with the Burned Banksy event. The original Banksy art titled ‘Morons’, one of six prints belonging to the rare ‘Barely Legal’ collection was tokenized and physically destroyed. By setting the physical piece alight, the artwork has been immortalized onto the blockchain.

The fact that a piece of art is created through a physical medium does not limit it to exist only in the physical space. Drawings, graffiti, murals, sculptures, and every other form of physical art can be represented through a non-fungible token. Today NFTs allow collectors to own artwork without even being on the same continent as it, thanks to global, decentralized ledgers and blockchain technology.

Adding a microchip or holographic device to physical art is another interesting option to tokenize your art. If you have a QR code attached to the painting, leading to the address where the NFT token is stored, collectors are guaranteed that the digital record and the artwork are connected.

A great example of microchipping physical art is Hajime Sorayama’s collection of Sexy Robot sculptures. Each piece is fitted with an NFC microchip, and when scanned with your mobile phone, are redirected to an NFT marketplace where the token corresponding to the piece is available for sale.

Tokenizing physical art is attracting the attention of both artists and collectors, as more of them are starting to recognize the undeniable added value of representing physical artworks on the blockchain. To start tokenizing your art and minting your own NFTs, then sign up for our platform at Minty.Art

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  1. As an art enthusiast, knowing NFT exist gives me hope that I can make money by doing art. And I bumped to one of the best NFT project- The Pop Cult. They got insanely good arts and if youre an artist they might consider your artworks.

  2. Very cool. Do you think there is more to come from holographic projectors connected to your wallet? Would be cool to have the art in your wallet, also be a feature in your home

  3. If I had valuable physucal paintings that are worth lots of money, what would your recommendation be if I wanted to NFT my expensive collection of art? Should I do it through Open Seas etc etc? Love the video.

  4. Ok… NFT for Dummies… A bit clueless on this physical to NFT tikenizing. I have a question for anybody…. If you have a 10 caret rare diamond, is it a physical product that you can create an NFT? If so, wouldn't everybody start to create NFTs on thier diamonds?

  5. I have a question I can not find answer anywhere. I would like to take a photo of my original painting and turn it into a Digital Jpeg file and sell it as a NFT, but also I would like to sell the original physical painting in other platform separately for example like my website or Etsy. From this video I understand that I can do that, but I am not sure how to state that in my NFT sale description. Do I need to state that the Nft is a art made both with Acrylic paint and Digital edit and that they are two separate works of art basically. How should I state that to make it clear to the buyer???

    Please if anyone knows how this is done, let me know!

    Thank you

  6. Hi, if you are a creator of an NFT and it's minted by another user, without my permission. who then owns the art? Who gets paid? Please I need answers, because I'm new here

  7. Great video. What would happen if the physical artwork and it's corresponding NFT is sold to two different people? Does the tokenization of a physical artwork essentially create two works – one digital and one physical?

  8. I am extremely new to NFT's. I have some pieces of art (poems) that is linked to a box office movie and popular singer's video that no one but the producers(maybe) and myself have a copy of. The movie is well known with very well known actors in the US. The music star has one grammy's. Can I turn these poems into collectibles as pieces or one minted collection? Which is better.

  9. Thanks much. This is for me. Physical/Digital NFT's are exactly what I am looking for. I think once the older crowd gets involved this is going to be huge. They (& me) still likes something physical, and with a digital backup is ideal, or digital with physical BU.

  10. Can you tokenize a piece of art you own and then sell it with original piece ? Do you have to be an actual artist to tokenize a piece of art ?
    the reason I’m asking is because I’m a collector , I own few pieces of art and I wanna convert them to NFTs and sell them on rarible or open sea
    I would appreciate you answering me

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