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  1. Love love love the sett up. 2 years later. Lets get an updated work station. Also would love a non full timelapse of how you create. Maybe explain whats going on, time lapse through that. Maybe slow it back down here and there four techniques. I too have a background in creative sweets. Due to lifethough ihave been outof design for a few years and buying a 3d printer has resparked my passion. Inthe middle of builing my pc. Planning on learning blender and ticker cad for functional 3d printed items. Its been about 8 years and the options have grown so immensely its rough whereto think to start. So for now i build lol

  2. I'm curious. Have you ever stopped and figured out what you've spent on all of your various hardware from the beginning of your interest in anything digital, i.e.: computers, gaming consoles, etc.? All the "stuff" you're showing in this video, blows me away!

    Never mind, don't figure it out. Wouldn't want it to depress you. 😱

  3. Thanks for a video! PC user all my life and now i think to buy a MBP on m1 for my sculpting work in zbrush. In case to have a portable work station with me in travelling. Watched all the content on Youtube, and some artist says that is pretty great performance for sculpt on. I don't do a heavy renders or animation work

  4. After about 15 years of using both I have PC and then use ipads. Love Apple but I prefer to fix and upgrade my own computer. I find going to the techs too expensive and annoying where as with a PC I can just order what I need and fix it myself at home for cheap. Apple is nice though and I've had issues with the PC that make me want to move over. It's so hard to decide what to do for my next workstation PC. It's a big purchase as I need a powerful computer for my work.

  5. I use Macs just because they're stable.
    Windows crashes so many times, it is so annoying, and I just hate it.

    The most I hate, is when I'm working and then it will update in the middle of my work, and I hate that!
    I never had this issue with Mac, I just plug it in, and start working.

    But with windows I spend more time trying to get things setup, and that is time wasted, that could go into actual work.

  6. I do really love the simplicity of apple products, I tend to focus a lot with using them. I tend to use apple when I'm out or want something portable like with the IPad, but when it comes to doing my main work, I tend to use PC which is really nice to experiment, multitask and stuff for my needs. It's really nice to switch in between PC and the Ipad when I feel a bit unproductive or just want to change things up with my workflow. I love building computers and stuff growing up with that type of thing ever since I was a kid, I just get really bored sometimes so I always like tweaking things. I've been using the same computer for 10 years, though have been upgrading it bit by bit each time. I may buy a whole new setup when I get further along in my art journey or when the PC finally dies out, maybe in 5 years.

  7. Now apple just released new macbook with hdmi, SD and magsafe, and with stronger GPUs. Also Apple joined the Blender foundation! the benchmarks between windows and mac will be fun to see.

    in the end its about preference and reliability. I change pc every 3-4 years anyway since I tend to move regularly I prefer laptops so im seriously considering my next upgrade to be a macbook

  8. Alienware is bad quality. They overheat easily, which causes severe stability issues. I wouldn't recommend one of those systems with a gun to my head.

  9. Hi Tyler! I love your tutorials and art thanks for all the videos! I just have a question regarding Mac vs Pc, so I'm trying to get the new IMAC computer 2021 and debating whether to get that besides the PC. It is primarily for 2D art photoshop work and nothing 3D. Is it worth it? and I'm worried because it has only 8GB of Ram which I think would slow down if I get massive layers.

  10. Love your studio setup especially your Alienware PC! I have an Aurora R8 PC with the i9 9900K and Dual RTX 2080 Super graphics cards. that I bought a year ago. I have Clip Studio Paint and it's really good if you want to do traditional anime and manga. I also have Blender. I haven't played with that much, but I'm going try to learn how to do 2.5D animation that can be seen in games or anime like Honkai Impact 3rd, Genshin Impact, anything made by Arc System Works, and Batman Ninja. The Final Fantasy stuff alone deserves a subbed!

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