What Canvas Size Should you use for Pixel Art? (Pixel Art Tutorial)

Hello! In this video I’ll be explaining what the best sizes are for your pixel art.
Thanks for watching, and enjoy the video!

Intro: (0:00)

Part 1: Deciding on a Size
Sizing your Character: (0:38)
Choosing a Tile-map size: (1:43)

Part 2: Drawing within a Size
Materials at different Scales: (3:42)
Using your Pixels: (4:23)
Animating your Character: (5:59)

Summary: (6:33)
Outro: (7:09)

Reddit: u/Pixel_Overload
Itch.io: https://pixeloverload.itch.io/
Instagram: pixeloverloadyt

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  1. My takeaways from this video (a paraphrase of the video summary, essentially):

    The most common resolutions for pixel art games are 16×16 and 32×32. Larger resolutions than 64×64 tend to look like photos. Photos generally require high resolutions to look good, so 128×128 and larger tile sizes can look sloppy.

    This also means that the value of a single pixel will vary with scale. A misplaced pixel will very obvious on a 16×16 sprite, and will remain fairly obvious on 32×32 scales. Don't worry too much though, since sprites will look small against the backdrop of the canvas when they are displayed on screen.

    A sprite must visually convey what it will do at all times. All choices related to sprite sizes and animations need to contribute to enjoyable movement and gameplay.

  2. It's fine to say that you shouldn't start with 64×64 because it's too hard for beginners. But you absolutely cannot ever convince me that it looks worse or loses it's charm. Good 64×64 art looks insane. Even the example you showed, the 64×64 leafy block looked so much better than the others. Some people really appreciate the art and want a nice medium between "old school" and drawn art. This should not be discounted.

  3. Something that nobody mentions: 320×180 is the perfect resolution for full screen, it scales perfectly to HD, Full HD, WQHD and 4K monitors 🙂

  4. Tile-map size was well explained, but what about level canvas size? How many blocks of 16×16 or 32×32 should it be up-down and right-left? How does choose it?

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