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Apple iPad Air 2020 or iPad Pro for Procreate Illustration & Digital Art? (Digital Artist Opinion)

Are you a digital artist or illustrator and wondering if you should choose the New Apple iPad Air 2020 or iPad Pro for Procreate Illustration & Digital Art? Most of you might think they are the same, but they are not, so as a professional illustrator who uses the iPad and Procreate daily to work, I want to share my opinion as a digital artist.

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A few months ago,, I checked the new iPad Air 2020 for procreate because I needed a new iPad. Also, lately, I got asked a lot about the new iPad Air 4th generation and if it’s worth for artists and illustrators, So In the video, I will tell you my opinion on which one to buy and why depending on the type of artwork or use that you will give it.

Personally, I decided to go with the new iPad Pro 1TB 4th generation because it was more suited for me. With 6GB of RAM, it was just what I needed. But it might not be for you, and you can get the iPad Air, and it might work. So have a look at the video and the reasons why you might choose one over the other.

Let me know in the comments what you think.

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  1. Check My Digital Illustration Online Class here 👉 – I will teach how to illustrate step by step using, from finding inspiration, defining color and style all the way to the final artwork. It's for Procreate or any other tool like Photoshop or Affinity Designer

  2. Thank you for the great content! You just gained a new sub. I wonder what you think about the 2022 iPad Air, mainly for calligraphy and stuff of that nature?

    Keep up the great work!

  3. So I have the Ipad Air 4th gen. I’m guessing there’s less input lag/delay on the ipad pro in terms of when you draw a line and when the line actually appears on screen?

  4. Hi there! Thank you so much for this video!

    Currently I use a Huion pen display with my MacBook Air for illustrating and animating. I want to be able to do that same work along with note-taking while on the go since I’m still in university. I’m leaning towards the iPad Pro 11” because of the storage so that I could also use adobe creative cloud apps, but I don’t know whether I should invest in it now. I also like the iPad Air because it’s cheaper and gets the job done enough for rougher works.

    I’m not exactly sure which one to go with and would like a second opinion 😅

    Thank you

  5. I'm a canva designer and very begin with procreat (i'm learning now) which ipad is good for meand I'll edit my videos with it and put all my work on it so which storage is good for my ? please can anyone help with that

  6. I just bought the IPad Pro 11inch. I’m a junior and hoping to become an illustrator in the future. I think this iPad is great for beginners. It’s really big in person. So if the 11 inch is already big the 12 is probably even bigger.

  7. Hi Asia! Thank you for the video, it helped a lot! I'm an amateur kid artist who's really hoping to get Procreate. I'm thinking of getting the Air, and have a question if I should go for a 64GB or a 256GB. I just want to know if there is any major difference between the two and which is better in your opinion. Thank You!

  8. Hello dear Asia, I have a question I am between buying the ipad pro 2018 or the ipad pro 2020 which would be better to illustrate? Which one would you recommend? since in both there are very few differences🤍🥺🥰

  9. Thanks so much for such an informative video. As an architectural designer who illustrates on the side, I think the ipad air 64gb should suffice and help me transition from using a wacom tablet. Hopefully I'll be able to improve my skills and be able to sell some art prints in the near future!

  10. This is such an informative video. I currently use a windows laptop and have it hooked up to a Wacom Cintiq 22 for professional work, but I want an ipad so I can have something portable to work on. The point about the RAM and number of layers you can use is really helpful, and something I'll consider when making my decision. Thanks so much!

  11. Hi, I want to buy an Ipad and don't know which one, because until now I've only drawn on paper. In some other video on some iPad (I don't know which one) there was such a small gap between the Apple Pencil and what you are drawing. Does the Ipad Air 2020 have this loophole?
    (I hope you understand what I mean, English is not my native language)
    And which Apple Pencil do I need for the Ipad Air 2020?

  12. hi! i do illustration as a hobby and i’m still confused which one is better for me: iPad Pro 2020 128gb or iPad Air 2020 256gb? considering the 2 options as the M1 iPad Pro is so expensive and i don’t think i need that much power 🤔 anyways, thanks for the helpful video!

  13. Thank you so much 😃 this video was really helpful. I’ve been unsure wether to get an iPad Air or a pro to use procreate. It’s good to know that you don’t need the pro if you’re at a beginner level like me 😄

  14. Hi Asia, I just wanna ask does iPad air 4 supports Adobe photoshop and AI? If so, is 256GB enough? I'm NOT a professional digital artist btw. I'm going to major in advertising & branding next year, so I'm looking for an iPad that I can use for my assignment (like logo design, advertising storyboard and simple illustration etc). I thought of getting an iPad Pro at first, but as a student, I just simply couldn't afford it and I was told that the iPad Pro isn't necessary since I'm a beginner and that the iPad Air 4 would be a much better option. Hopefully, you can answer my question. Thank You 🙂

  15. I was thinking about going with 256GB of M1 iPad pro. But I'm confused now- should I go with 1TB, it's not like I got so much money but like I'm investing one time, I want this device for long run.

  16. so iPad pro is better than iPad air for illustrations? is 11" just right or 12.9" is better? i wanted to use as a laptop at home and also carrying around as a tablet, to watch shows/play games and drawings..

    i love digital illustrations too… i didn't know procreate can use as a job..

  17. Is this the ipad pro 2020? How much ram and storage would your recommend? And how long do ipads lasts? I don't want it to break after a year, can it last for 3 years??? And should I get the 12 or 11?

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