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Best Sci-Fi Cyberpunk Digital Art

This video features some of the best digital artwork from the sci-fi genre with a focus on the cyberpunk style.

Part II available here:

Artist links* (in no particular order)

*some may have not have their artwork displayed however they deserve mention for their excellent work.

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  1. I remember Bruce Willis apartment in that sci fi city similar to these. I liked the way it was totally compact. Can't remember the name of the movie. About the time 12 Monkeys was released. Maybe I was watching altered states and fell asleep and am dreaming I'm living in the future. I saw God on special k. I've heard some see and talk to angels or others aliens. I love the monstrous buildings. They still use bamboo for scaffolding in Asia. Loved the video. I imagined a world where we all work together and every child goes to school and university. Even in Africa where there could be potentially a million Einsteins'. Our world could be like this in twenty years. Energy one hundred percent solar. Carbon stays in the ground. Apparently China planted one billion trees in a desert. Again awesome video with cool music. I would have chosen RAMMSTEIN.

  2. This isnt related…geostorm ad came on…SO much nope on those storms…Very nice artwork though.

    I'm trying to tackle the cyberpunk style of art right now. I could use some pointers. My prof. pic is like a preliminary sketch for a character design project I've basically been trying to flesh out for over the course of a year. @Evolved Mag, if you have any tips for me, they are most welcome. I'm beginning my transfer from traditional medium over to digital with the Adobe Suite (mainly Photoshop) in order to be ready for concept art jobs (Videogame). Thank you…

  3. I like how it starts out with peaceful cities n stuff and then shows stuff like war, and all that chaotic stuff. Cuz if you got a place like that, shit is bound to go down

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