Capturing Beauty In The Mundane – NFT Art by Noe Alonzo

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Noe Alonzo @Noealz is a Seoul-residing American artist and photographer whose infrared and anime-style images are making waves across the NFT scene through the way they capture beauty in the mundane.

In an exclusive interview with Blockster, Noe sat down to tell-all about his new-found life in #Web3, be it the inspiration behind his success, how he’s building throughout the crypto winter, or how he’s providing tools for people on the periphery of Web3 to join the space.

Although being camera-savvy from a young age, Noe reveals that his passion for photography was properly realized when he joined university. After moving to Seoul from the US after nine years of teaching, he found himself with more free time to pursue this passion of his, which ultimately served as the catalyst behind taking it into the professional realm.

Noe explains how he became increasingly inspired by the cyberpunk-esque metropolis in which he was surrounded by, as its features – especially at night – provided the perfect landscape for capturing colors and reflections that are unobservable in American cities.

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