Digital Art

Digital Art for Beginners | Digital Art on Phone | Ibispaintx Tutorial

Learn How to do simple digital art in android phone
This video is for Beginners
In this Art I didn’t Give more details just i’ve shown
basic outline of digital art

Wait for new creative edit. click bell icon to get notified 😉😉
If you have any doubt in editing You can ask in comment or message me in Instagram
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Ibispaintx Free Version :

Audio from YouTube library 🎵

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  1. Sir if you answer me I will be blessed
    Can you please answer me the outline I draw on the first layer on picture does not appear on the second layer so what I can do

  2. I still can't convert my drawing that i drew on image on a blank background 😭😭 help me please i spent hours but i am still confused😭

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