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Digital Art Tiktoks I Found Just For You 🐞🎀

Here is another requested one! Do you want to see more tutorials or more timlapses kind of tiktoks?

Hello guys welcome to my channel! ❤️

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ps. If an audio is muted its for copyright reasons 🙂

15 Minutes of Art Tik Tok Videos
Art TikTok Compilation
Art Tik Toks
TikTok Art Tutorial

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  1. It’s almost 2am and my heart is racing because I’m thinking of ways to impress my crush with art. She said my costume for Halloween was cool yesterday (it was costume day since Halloween is Sunday) and it made me want to just hug her

  2. Links for high quality art supplies! (affiliate links)

    Prismacolors Colored Pencils: (36 pack) (72 pack) (150 pack)

    Arteza Brush Pens: (24 pack) (96 pack)

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  3. How to draw the other eye

    1. Draw them at the same time
    AKA once you do the eyelash you do it on the other eye
    then do the iris for the first eye and then do it for the other
    then do the bottom lash for the first eye then do it for the other
    Yw for nothing ;-; I’m weird


  4. My NUMBER ONE tip that I tell everyone who does art ever is to be quick and not precise (As in, quick brush strokes! Even with the lineart!) because I assure you that you will be so much happier with the result 🙂

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