Fall Nail Art Tutorials | DIY Thanksgiving Pine Cones & Abstract Leaf Design

Subscribe to my channel here: http://bit.ly/1UDLr1B Shout me out if you copy this on Instagram: http://instagram.com/robinmosesnailart Here is a fall nail design with pine cones and abstract leaves perfect for thanksgiving or for the autumn weather and pre holiday season! This design is for beginner nail artists to advanced career nail techs who want more nail art education! Please SUBSCRIBE & Follow my DIY Nail Art Designs for those seeking to take their nail art design to the next level! Learn how to use nail art tools and master nail art one video at a time!!! DONT GIVE UP and have fun painting!

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Robin Moses Instagram: http://instagram.com/robinmosesnailart
My Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/robinmosesnailart
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My Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/robinmoses
Robin Moses Blog: http://robinmosesnailart.blogspot.com

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  1. I love your art.  You are a wonderful nail artist.  I just really wish you were more professional during your videos.  I understand you are having fun, but you can at least do better at explaining instead of saying "I go like that" while giggling uncontrollably.  Other than that, keep up the great work! 

  2. Love them! Awesome! As I said on your FB, these are great for transitioning Thanksgiving, into Christmas! I'll be cleaning a turkey in a few days, along with peeling potatoes, and carrots, so I'm going au naturale…but Oooh….all your nails are sooo tempting!

  3. So pretty, when you said pinecones it reminded me of what happen to me this weekend, I was standing outside running my mouth as usual and a pinecone hit me in the head lol I looked up and it was a squirrel in the tree, and I swear the squirrel was laughing at me lol

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