How To Add Rarity And Textures To Your NFT Art – Super Mega Helpful! #procreate #photoshop #nftart

In this video I will teach you how to add rarity and textures to your NFT creations. Quickly add diverse color combinations and high quality characters in minutes, or spend hours using texture layers to develop hyper realistic images!

The choice is yours!

Regardless of your skill level, textures are a fun and easy way to make your NFTs pop!

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Botzy Texture Pack:

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  1. Mate this is so good! I had no idea this was possible with Procreate. Inspiring. I’ve been using my finger since forever as my Apple Pencil died but I’m 100% going to grab a new one and get started on my NFT set now 👊🏼

  2. sry for commenting again but you have helped me so much i have been trying to find my perfect nft that I want from your collection so if you have any recommendations plz tell me. I have also been wanting a tutorial for the like 3d skeleton botzy thx again for all your help.

  3. hi botzy i really like your how to's if you are okay with it i have an idea for your next vid how to create mouths like the venom botzy you did or how to make the shadows and highlights for that venom botzy. Again thank you so much for your content you inspired me to make my first nfts

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