How to Create NFT Art – Step by Step (Animation)

This guide explains step-by-step how to create your own NFT art and also how to sell your freshly minted NFT artworks.

This is a generic guide created to work with all the popular NFT marketplaces so you can choose one that suits your specific artstyle best.

Minting NFTs requires no extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology and you can start right away by following this video.

0:00 Intro
0:22 Before you start
0:45 NFTs Quickly explained
1:19 Copyright
1:39 Overview of all steps
2:16 Setup crypto wallet
3:09 Add funds
3:29 Create a digital item
4:14 Choose NFT marketplace
5:24 Upload your artwork
5:45 Royalties and commissions
6:21 Tokenizing your artwork
7:14 Wait for bids

At this moment there is no universally accepted definition for NFT art or CryptoArt. So for now, let’s use the following definition:

NFT art is art that uses blockchain technology in its creation and/or distribution.

You need a personal crypto wallet to store the cryptocurrency that is required by NFT marketplaces to pay for the minting fees and auction fees.

A crypto wallet is also needed to connect to the NFT marketplace and serves as your personal account.

Create a digital item in any file format and choose a NFT marketplace: You need to consider which marketplace you want to pick as it affects your NFT sales, because some audiences are more present on certain marketplaces.

Another important step to consider is whether to enable royalties or not.

After minting a new NFT, most marketplaces offer the option to enable commissions at a percentage you desire.

Tokenize the artwork by minting the digital item on a NFT marketplace.

After listing your artwork on a NFT marketplace, anyone can easily place a bid on it.

This means however that interested buyers have to be able to find it first. You will most likely need to promote your art as discoverability varies significantly across different NFT marketplaces.

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