How To Find Quality NFT Art – Upcoming 1/1 Artists – Form Function

How To Find Quality NFT Art – Upcoming 1/1 Artists – Form Function

Join Ty and Gig as they discuss 1/1 NFTs and several artists on Form Function! Feel free to stay tuned for future updates on the NFT market by subscribing, and comment any questions you have. Bullish

Necessary Disclaimer:
We are not financial advisers, nor do we have backgrounds in finance. Do not make financial decisions based on what we say, and make sure to do your own research. This is not investment advice in any way, we are simply big fans of NFTs and crypto and enjoy talking about it on YouTube.

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  1. Hey! Love your videos. Can you make a video about a project. I'm super into it. Its named Alethea AI. What it does is make nfts alive, talk back and have their own personalities that we train them to be. I would love your opinion about them. I found them super innovative in the nft space.

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