iArtbook Tutorial (Art Tutorials Episode 1)

Note: It has been brought to my attention that iArtbook is a bit different on the ipad. I unfortunately don’t have one, so I can’t make a tutorial on it for that, but hopefully some of the features are similar? Also, as I say in the next paragraph, iArtbook does have a channel, so you could see if they have a tutorial for the ipad there.

iArtbook has a channel, with much better tutorials than this if you’d like to have a more competent person show you how to do stuff: https://youtube.com/channel/UCVspd-qSphXFNTUVXpPU9Qg

🎵Don’t get too close I’m dead inside,
It’s where my dumb brain hides,
It’s where my dumb brain hides🎵

I made everything in this video except for like two of the sound effects in the intro. Also, I didn’t make iArtbook, obviously. Some of the characters shown in this also belong to Tui T. Sutherland.

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  1. Another Update: This got way more views than I expected, so please forgive the lack of professionalism. Also, I try to answer every question I can, but it’s a lot of keep up with and I’m extremely nervous with confrontation. I also have not used iArtbook in a while because I have moved to Procreate (which is sadly not free, but is a one time pay thing and really worth it). But anyway, if I don’t answer your question within a week, you can probably just safely assume I don’t know the answer.

    Update: I have discovered that you can add the smudge tool to your bar instead of the stupid color picker. Just go to the three dots in the corner, settings, basic, then scroll down and you'll see a thing you can enable that says, "Smudge tool in top panel." I'm just an idiot.

    Edit: Frequently asked questions (most are in the video, but I don't blame you for not wanting to listen to my voice):

    Q: How do I use the bucket tool?
    A: You drag the icon that opens the color wheel to the spot you want to color in. If it's not there, your app is probably glitching.

    Q: How do I undo and redo?
    A: The arrows on the menu. The one pointing left is undo and the one pointing right is redo. You can also undo by tapping with two fingers at once on the screen and redo with three fingers.

    Q: How can I add audio/video to animations?
    A: You can't atm. Animation is still fairly new though, so they may add a feature soon.

    Q: How do I draw straight lines/use a symmetry ruler?
    A: There is no symmetry ruler per se, like on Flipaclip, but you can't draw straight lines. It's just a bit more meticulous. Just go into the menu and tap on shapes, and draw a quick lil line. It'll correct it for you when you stop touching the screen. Then you can move it and resize it to the correct location and size with two fingers.

    Q: How do you add text?
    A: You cannot. Like I've said many times, iArtbook is great for many things, but it's not perfect

  2. how do you export the speed paint? (i dont know the actual term sorry) ive looked through the comments and i found one helpful comment but it didnt help me at all

  3. I have two questions, can you change the frame speed in animations? And can you insert audios into your animations?

  4. Hey! I just started on this app and when I draw it’s not like an actual drawing, when I draw curve, it does this weird thing. Help?

  5. 4 mins in and I can’t watch anymore. I’m not being mean, just hoping to help you with some feedback. You need to make a plan and stick with the plan. If you don’t have a good explanation for something, don’t start saying it. I want to use this program but I can’t watch your video. I’m sorry for the brutal honesty.

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