NFT ART FINANCE – The Future of NFT Auctions?

#NFT-Art Finance is a project that will give content creators a platform to auction their work as NFT. Make sure to subscribe for crypto news and content.

0:00 – About the project
1:37 – Tokenomics
3:20 – Marketplace
4:07 – Whitepaper
4:30 – How to buy NFT-ART Finance
5:46 – Closing thoughts

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  1. You guys see the price of that PandaGunda piece they previewed in the Racing Thoughts series on NFT-Art site..? Now Panda responded to a question on twitter that it isn’t going to be that exact piece he is selling on NFT-Art but insinuated he is in and there will be others he’ll run through them. Anyways, that one piece had a current bid of $7,200..any art going through the platform has to be paid for with tokens. So just consider the burn rate we’ll see when there is lots of art (visual and otherwise) from all around the world shifting on the daily ranging from hundreds to thousands or potentially hundreds of thousands (millions?) of dollars in some cases, depending on the artist/piece. Anything they sell, tickets to art/music shows, merch, gaming products, which they’ve stated will be one of their focuses, all creates burn/reflection – in addition to what is generated from speculative token buys/sells alone.

    Load up now, before the first planned manual burn. 🚀💰

  2. I honestly can't believe there is only a handful of people talking about this project. Then u got millions talking about one called cum rocket 🤦‍♂️ SMH . Absolutely awesome fella and project proud to be a part of it.👍 pappagunda baby 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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