The Black Hole technique – Acrylic fluid art painting

Today we paint a small abstract artwork using the black hole technique. You can easily do it and you will be rewarded with a fascinating result, let yourself be surprised!

So that the white canvas does not show through anywhere, you should first coat it with black paint.
Only then pour your black base layer followed by the colors of your choice.

I mixed the acrylic paints with a little less water, so they are a little more viscous. You can find my pouring recipe here: https://youtu.be/D3HeNcUlFf0

You can of course adjust the “black hole” in size, depending on how much black color you pour into your basic pattern. Here you have to try something, but don’t take too much color, it has to be able to expand in order not to get thick puddles of paint.

As always, I wish you a lot of fun with the video, if I was able to inspire you or just enjoyed it, I would be happy with a thumbs up or a nice comment.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful work, it is the height of beauty

    Please tell us the type of paint, is it fast, slow, water-based, acrylic, or polyester resin? Thank you.

  2. No doubt, the neatest painter on the web. You're the only one that makes sure that the edges are always clean and you make sure that's done. The black hole did not do anything for me because I felt it ruined the effect. But as you know everything is an experiment and some people will think it's look successful and others won't and that's what the beauty of this is all about.

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