Top 5 NFT Digital Art Frames (physical frames for NFT art, and where the tech is at currently)

Hi everyone — This video will probably be irrelevant in 3 months, but I thought I would just share some of my findings on physical NFT Digital Art frames and where the technology is currently at– because like so many other people, I’ve been searching for a frame, and it’s been hard to find one that checks off all of the boxes! In my quick amateur research, it does seem like a lot of companies are developing great stuff in this realm though and it’s pretty exciting! Please let me know if there are any frames or workarounds that I’ve missed. I’d really love to start the conversation below. Thanks so much! Please like and subscribe

1. Infinite Objects:
2. Qonos:
3. TokenCast:
4. Meural:
5. Canvia:

Digital showcase communities:

00:00 – Intro
01:06 – Infinite Objects: video prints, unique, Beeple
02:44 – Qonos: art playlists like Spotify
04:09 – TokenCast: open source DIY frame build
05:14 – Meural: high quality wireless digital frame, few workarounds
06:24 – Canvia: high-res digital frame, playlists as well, pixeos partnership
07:57 – Digital display/showcase communities: Flawnt, Showtime, Veve

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  1. Just bought a Canvia. Will let you know what I think. From reviews, both Canvia, & Meural have not fully fine tuned their apps & have difficulties. I went with Canvia, because reviews have shown it to show better brush stroke detail. We will see! Thanks for the video!

  2. So glad I came across your video. Even if it's a year later! This idea has been tumbling around in my head ever since the ideas of nft art was realized. I'm an old-school artist and can't wrap my head around a virtual nft art collection and wondered how nft's could be displayed in the real world, in your home! Loving the comments on your video! Excited to see where this niche goes!

  3. Let me see if I get this straight, I'm a musician from Toronto and I'm looking for information on frames for NFTs and you're telling me I find this video… Talk about extremely niche. YouTube truly has everything lol

  4. Meural is actually the best option. I own 9ne and I've tried others. The meural displays all sorts of formats now and it looks like the real thing

  5. Qonos and Canvias are the ones that I find most attractive as a concept. Thanks for the info!! Very well explained. I only learned about this NFT concept yesterday!! can you believe it ? And I'm already looking for a way to display that stuff on my walls 😂

  6. Hi Johnny, awesome video, as a NFT fans, I think there are some common ways of displaying NFTs medias, either on-device or on-line (PC, phone)
    Display NFTs galleries on-Deivce by size

    1. Infinite Objects 7” displays

    2. Qonos 17.3-inch display wallmount
    If you want to display NFTs galleries On-line,

    1. OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace to display your crypto art collection.

    2. Showtime wants to position itself as the first NFT social network.

    3. Lazy is a new entry in the crypto art space.
    If you are an NFT media artist or content publishers , you want to develop or customize your own Art display devices,

    1. Lenovo is based in Beijing, China, it make pc, tablet and smartphones.

    2. Framemory is the digital frame OEM ODM manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.
    If you want to access the NFT wallet contents

    Portfolio Tracker – From Dapp Radar

  7. Somebody asked a similar question if this was possible on reddit and so I stumbled across your video and I sent them this link because they were excited as you are with having NFT art displayed in real life so you're welcome! 😁😇

  8. I think at the crux of NFTs is ownership.
    You prove ownership with your private key.
    Otherwise digital content can be easily replicated.

    Now the problem I have with these frames is that you could essentially put NFTs that you do not have the privates keys to on. Because if that were the case, anyone could literally download a copy and load onto a screen. Yes you could have a physical frame that comes with the purchase of an NFT but unless you prove that you hold the private keys to the public address you can't prove ownership. You could have very well have sold the NFT but still keep the physical frame.

    The closest I can think of to having a digital NFT art frame is a company like Ledger creating a art frame that would require you to key in your private key. Seeing Ledger on the frame would be able to tell someone that "hey this guy owns the private key" unless ofcourse someone replicates the frame but then again there's a higher barrier to it like replicas of modern physical art. But then someone could literally steal your art by stealing your frame which is (not going to lie) a +1 for ownership. But again I'm not sure if anyone would be willing to do this unless they had one private key for each NFT they own which considering the gas fees now… Also you wouldn't want all your crypto assets stored on a frame.

    Also I wouldn't really count VeVe in the NFT space because if you had used the app you would have noticed you actually don't control your private keys. And again you prove ownership with your private key. Not with your login information. My Fortnite skins aren't NFTs.

    I came to this video looking for a way to display my NFT art but realise it isn't meant to be. I think a physical frame is frankly not what NFTs are about. I think people going into NFTs recgonise that they are buying a digital asset that can't be replicated and of which ownership can be proven and thats it. People looking for something they can touch and display at home aren't fond of NFTs and will only buy physical art. I'm so certain of this distinction between the digital NFT art space and the physical art space after watching this video but unfortunately I'm perhaps not able to express it well enough. But as for me, I will no longer be looking for a physical solution but will admire and cherish my NFTs all the same.

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