Watercolor Brush Pen Tutorials by Chromatek, Beginner Vol.01 Lesson 06


When these tutorials were created our pens did not have the color names printed on them. Many of you wrote to us asking if we could add them and we listened. So now we can list the exact colors used in the video (unfortunately we can’t update the video but hey, we don’t run YouTube):

No.40 Heron Blue
No.04 Grass Green
No.12 Rose Carmine
No.30 Ginger
No.34 Dark Cyan
No.06 Bottle Green
No.35 Blue Gray
No.25 Black

All of the supplies for this tutorial can be found on:


When you choose Chromatek you’re not just buying some of the world’s best watercolor brush pens.
You’re choosing the one most effective learning systems ever developed to get you painting and progressing FAST. And when you buy a set of Chromatek Watercolor Brush Pens you will also get the professional watercolor paper pad containing the pages used in our tutorials for FREE (RRP $15.99).

This is the 6th and FINAL lesson in the Chromatek Watercolor Vol 01 Beginners Course. Consolidating and building on all the skills you have learned so far in this course. If you have come this far, congratulations. We hope you have enjoyed the course as much as we’ve enjoyed preparing it.

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The whole course is available absolutely free on YouTube or via the Chromatek website:


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  1. This one is probably the most disappointing one yet, looked like you used brown on the beak yet I'm not seeing a brown in the list of colours, only a ginger, wasn't told what colour to use on the dark part of the wing, used black, turns out it may have been cyan blue but again the light blue used looks more like sky blue than heron blue

  2. I can sense that the artists at Chromatek and the developers of these videos genuinely care if their customers learn watercolor techniques!! You've got a great product, great videos!! The one thing I would change, I'd have someone narrate the text. First off, The world of artists and creatives is rife with people afflicted with dyslexia and other disorders. Also, you can't get foreign language sub titles without narration. It would make a huge difference in your viewership!! You don't need to reshoot the videos, just speak what the words tell you… That's all!! And thank you!!

  3. The colors are listed on the tutorial, but during the painting process, one has to guess what color the instructor is using. The cyan blue gave me a hue that is too grainy and almost ruined my picture. I noticed the same thing with the jellyfish. Any suggestions ?

  4. So glad I completed all the tutorials. My paintings don't look like yours but they are not that bad. Still finding some techniques hard so more tutorials would be useful. Thanks.

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