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WHAT MY DIGITAL ART USED TO LOOK LIKE | Redrawing My First Digital Illustration | 9 Years Later

I’ve been creating digital art for about 9 years! (holy cow…) and I’ve learned a few things along the way. Today I’m taking a look back and my first, redrawing it, and summarizing some of my favorite tips or tricks when it comes to creating my digital illustrations.

Wacom Intuos3 Tablet
Photoshop CS5
My wrist.

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  1. Damn,I can't believe this is your first digital illustration! It looks really cool! My first digital illustration looks really out of proportion and very muddy lmao

  2. I think that the thing I hate and cringe most about my first digital art piece is, I didn't know how to use anything, but, the worst part is… I didn't use layers. It was outlined, colored, and had a background all on the same layer, and when I look at the layer screen, I literally wanna puke because I know that I can't change anything.. ever. O_O

  3. I absolutely LOVE your channel! I was NEVER good at drawing people and I was in that " eye " phase were that's the only thing I drew. Then I watched your videos and I wanted to draw people. ( still not good at drawing people ) I'm pretty proud. Your so good at drawing too! I try practicing right after my classes, during lunch breaks, etc. Hope you see this comment. Stay safe!

  4. I love the drawing, especially since i am gonna start digital art next month but what really bothers me is the left leg of the redraw. I don't know but if the foot is tilted to the side, shoud'nt the knee do the same?

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