🎨 ART NOUVEAU Revival: Modern MIXED MEDIA Techniques 🖌️

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  1. Lovely! I always like your art nouveau inspired piece. I think you should use C as reference for your next painting. I love the flow of the hair; it reminds me of ocean waves. I also like the shadows being cast. It adds nice contrast and just makes the character stand out more in my opinion. It would be gorgeous in your style.

  2. I like C and the colors in D, B has a beautiful scene, but since this one has red hair, B would I think be more interesting with dark hair. 🙂 All your work is so very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. I would love to purchase your stickers, but I know they are only for Patreon members.

  3. The painting you made now is beautiful 😊 B would be great for a big painting (I am somewhat conflicted with the composition, character being so small, but in big scale it could work. Perhaps it strikes a bit illustrative, lacks interest? It needs something, but I think you will fix it with further design 😊). I would probably do B as separate bigger piece, then C if continue creating a set of similar paintings with a frame or then D if somewhat doing similar yet continuing on with different design.

  4. I'm a lover of the Art Nouveau myself 🙂 As for the references – I like B – because it's a fullbody & scene opposed to a closeup bust but I also like the frame of C

  5. This piece is beautiful! I love how you incorporate technology into traditional art, using AI in a productive and honest way. In terms of reference, I think B is stunning — especially in terms of the colors — but I really like the pose of D!

  6. I am so shocked you are supporting GenAI this way. That stuff is bad news and you are supporting art theft. Sad to say I have to unsub for this 🙁 good luck on your journey and maybe educate yourself on why we shouldn't be using firefly or other current GenAi programs right now.

  7. I like your technique and choice making but I despise AI so much, I'd like better to also enjoying watching you come up with compositions and imaginary scenarios. Not that I need to tell you what to do at all, I just wanted to give a sincere input in case you can appreciate some critique :,)

  8. I select B. It would give you many opportunities to add decorative elements – – & fish!! Also gold leaf. I can picture beautiful textures & underwater sea creatures, plantlife or coral bits as well! Good luck.
    This is a gorgeous piece – love to watch the process too.

  9. I like B, C & D!

    the hand in D looks very AI, kind of creepy! It would be interesting to see how you tackle that when the reference image is a bit off in some places

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