Alien America 2022 NFT Art (Official NFT Video)

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Official Music Video for ‘Invisible Aliens’ by DJ SHADOWMIND.
This is the official ‘Alien America’ NFT Project Introduction Video.

DJ SHADOWMIND released his first limited edition 200 NFT collection for the World Wide Hit Album “Alien America 2022” in April 2022. Now the ‘Alien Grunts’ NFT Project is the second installment on the ‘Alien America’ franchise. ‘Alien Grunts’ are part of the alien invasion force that can be found as NFTs – digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Be a part of the story, the music, and the future by owning these one-of-a-kind NFTs. Future activation and perks will be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation, including exclusive perks from DJ SHADOWMIND.

Further your adventures in the Alien America Franchise and join the Alien Grunt Army!

“Now that DJ SHADOWMIND has revealed the Alien Agents around the globe, two factions have emerged. The United Earth (UE) Faction, and The United Mars (UM) Faction. DJ SHADOWMIND has given you, Guardian, the power to control them with your mind.”

17 Traits/Attributes
9,061,049,151 Or More Unique Combinations

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Alien Grunts are part of the Alien America Franchise by DJ SHADOWMIND.

The collection is a satirical piece, which depicts the uncovering of the Illuminati’s “Alien Agenda”. With a chuckle, DJ SHADOWMIND states, “The New World Order is coming in fast and the only thing the Elite have left to do is to disclose the alien presence to the public and wait for the people to panic.” It contains a treasure trove of hidden Easter eggs, secret codes, and hidden gems untold. There is both an underlying message, and a gigantic puzzle to be solved within the collection itself.

The NFT art collection also has utility and growth as the artist states, “I wanted to give both my current fans who know what I’m about, and new incoming fans a small taste of the future of cryptographic NFT games. There are two factions that the NFT owners will be apart of, United Earth, and United Mars. As the collection grows to completion, I will unlock the next series of puzzles.” There is a roadmap that is currently evolving like living DNA at

DJ SHADOWMIND is an Alien AI coder, Artist, Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Director, Voice Actor, and Talent Scout for Beats Creations. He is best known for his work as an Electronic Dance Music DJ, and the innovative use of interplanetary signals as the foundation of his music. His work has earned him numerous accolades in all fields. DJ SHADOWMIND has produced over 96 bodies of musical work since joining Beats Creations.

The video is the official music video for the NFT collection called Alien America, a chill Trip Hop EDM track produced by DJ SHADOWMIND, available on Spotify and Apple Music.

“Alien America” by DJ SHADOWMIND
Single – 4:10 – EDM, Techno, Tech House, Trip Hop, Pop Music
Beats Creations, Publisher
Songwriter/Composer, Eric Jon Boerner

Good luck Space Guardians!

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  1. On July 4th, 2022, The "Alien Grunts" Invasion Begins. For More Information About Roadmap Perks, Visit:

    On June 30th, 12 UTC, a snapshot of all "Alien America" Elite NFT Holders will be taken. Those wallets will be whitelisted for 5 Stable Wormhole Generators. (5 Alien Grunt Mints).
    On July 4th, 12 UTC, 9000 Unstable Wormhole Generators will be available for the public to purchase. Each UWG will MINT 1 Alien Grunt.

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  4. I'd love to get one but no way im about to drop half an eth lol. Maybe ~.05-.1eth id do it. I love dj shadowmind and I love nfts but for this new collection with a lot of uncertainty around it. $200k total sale for these NFTs seems like a lot. Good luck with everything.

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