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Best Drawing Tablets 2023 – The Only 5 You Should Consider Today

Links to the Best Drawing Tablets 2023 are listed below. At Valid Consumer, we’ve researched the Best Drawing Tablets 2023 on Amazon saving you time and money.

► 5. GAOMON PD1161 –
► 4. HUION H610 Pro –
► 3. XP-PEN Artist Pro –
► 2. Apple iPad Air 5th Gen –
► 1. Wacom Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet –

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Say goodbye to the pen and paper since there is a new way to express your ideas. The development of technology in our lives is tremendously fascinating, and many people believed that we would never be able to draw on a tablet.

Some sketching tablets lack screens, in contrast to normal tablets. They actually act more like a sheet of virtual paper that transmits pressure from the pad to the computer that powers it. These tablets can be computers, plain sketching pads, or regular tablets, among other things.


I am affiliated, but not sponsored by, any of the products mentioned in this video. The links in the description are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of them and purchase the product, I’ll get a little compensation. Because I am not sponsored, I am free to express my own thoughts and provide unbiased product reviews. From among the millions of products available, I select those that I have personally examined and found to be highly satisfactory, and which I will immediately recommend. This is how I feed my family: by making honest and helpful reviews that allow you to make informed purchasing decisions. I appreciate your help.

Hope you enjoyed my Best Drawing Tablets 2023 video.

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  1. Huion Pro stopped working in less than a year. I Pad Pro doesn’t lag as much as these cheaper options and you can get a refurbished one for a good price. If you have some money, go for a Cintiq

  2. I gave up trying to find an affordable upgrade to my Cintiq 13HD — Ended up with a 32 inch 4K monitor which I calibrated with a colorimeter, and went back to my Intuos Pro 5 med. No more shrimp neck, and my art looks fantastic on a huge, calibrated display.

    Got the monitor refurbished, so it was very cheap!

  3. I cannot imagine life without real life and genuine art vs. Sonwthing on a freaking screen with pixels
    I like digi art but the genuine article always beats it all.
    Digi means fast and convenient and too easily to be mass produced as well as easy to steal.

    When the lights go out permanently then certainly not going to cry and wine lol.
    Also a LOT OF LOVE to mangakas with pens and dip pens!! Trully amazing skills!

  4. I saved up for a Cintiq 13hd and while I liked it a bit, I still prefer the iPad. iPads just really feel like pencil and paper

  5. Nice, but why is the Cintiq on number 1? As far as I remember it doesn't even have a laminated display, so there's larger gap and the pencil's tip isn't exactly where you are drawing!

  6. The only considerable option is #1 and #2 , get a second hand if you can, it'll still be much more worth while than #3 and #5 .

    -XP Pen has low responsiveness, which mean if you cannot do high speed sketches and expect same output as in paper, you'll line WILL be simplified, much the same when you turn on ''line smoothing' or 'line stabilizer' in TVPaint or Clipstudio, except… you CANNOT turn it down.
    -Gaomon PD1161 has LOTS of issues, magnetic deadzone on the buttonless corner , and pen offsets issues , you'll need to do so much mental gymnastic, you might as well be using monitorless graphic tablet, oh and line is always shakes and squiggle unless you turn on pen stabilizer so high its like you're drawing with curve tool.

  7. Do you actually ever use any of these tablets or are you just spewing out nonsense based on nothing because you've never seen any of them in real life, let alone used them for anything? You've 'researched' but not used? In that case your opinion is utterly and laughably invalid. Get lost.

  8. How is the xp-pen mobile, its not a standalone tablet right ? You say that you dont have to connect it to a computer and can use it on the go.
    What do you mean?

  9. Wacom or Apple are not the best of anything unless you are rich and got money to burn. If you're an artist then this is likely not the case for you. The best options for the money are Huion or XP-Pen.

  10. So do the graphic tablets need to be hooked up to your PC to be used, or can I put CPS or Krista on it directly and take it to work? More specifically asking for your #3 and #1 picks

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